Former President Trump and VP Mike Pence React to Shooting of Shinzo

The former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence reacted to the shooting of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the early hours of Friday morning.

“Absolutely devastating news that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, a truly great man and leader, has been shot, and is in very serious condition,” Trump stated via Truth Social.

“He was a close friend of mine, and even more important, America. This is a devastating loss to the amazing people of Japan who loved and respected him to the core. We're in prayer for Shinzo and his wonderful family!”

Trump and Abe seemed to get along during their time as the president and prime minister. Trump was the first president to visit Japan in 2019, and Abe went to the United States to meet with Trump in February 2017.

“@KarenPence as well as myself were both deeply disturbed to hear of the shooting of former prime minister Shinzo Abe. Abe-san was an extraordinary politician of Japan and a steadfast all-time ally from his country, the U.S. We are with millions of people prayerfully praying for this great human being and the family he raised. May God bless Shinzo Abe.” Pence tweeted.

Their reactions are only an adolescent portion of the outpouring of good wishes for the premier who is in critical state as per the Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. The helicopter flew back to Tokyo from a campaign address and held an event to discuss the incident. The Prime Minister claimed medical professionals are “doing everything they can” to help the prime minister.

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