Jon Voight Calls for Biden’s Impeachment

It's typically the Left condemning unsafe conditions since the current term “danger” is language in opposition to one's own truth.

However, a worldwide-respected source of conservative pride has issued an S.O.S. to protest the president's incompetence.

In a recent clip, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight says he feels “very unsafe” with Joe Biden in the White House. He suspects you do, too.

According to Jon, it's now time to call for Biden to be removed from office. In the meantime there's a dark cloud that lingers:

“We are a nation that is in trouble that is awash in horror at these criminals who are destroying lives. It is imperative to stop this immediately. We must restore our nation's security.”

The strong are no longer safeguarding the weak

“Our police force must act on righteousness and guard our neighborhoods, our businesses, our children, our elderly, our veterans, and our handicapped.”

“We must protect this nation and bring back safety,” he says. “We're all feeling very unsafe.”

Jon is furious and has identified one person who is deeply at fault:

“We're all angry, but we need to remember the reasons. It all begins with the seat of President of the United States. He has defamed our country's glory. He has shattered our morals and our genuine blessings from the land of freedom.”

Thus, “He must be impeached.”

“We cannot wait another second having him dictate our path,” Jon declares.

“Let us all work together to take him off and help make this nation what she represents — excellence. The land of possibility. The land of the most beautiful soil our forefathers fought over. Don't let president Biden destroy the entire area that was sacrificed to sweat, tears and blood to utter falsehoods. I call on everyone to recognize facts. I call on everyone to be a part of the future of our children -the future of our children. For, as fellow Americans, the land of our forefathers is in the process of being destroyed. However, we as a nation of God's truth will restore her and return her back to her feet in praise and glory. God will bless America.”

We're definitely being broken. The presidential candidate who said he would unify the nation has been pursuing radical left-wing policies and has called those who oppose him racist.

Jon's message is a call to high ideals, and his policy is based on the high stakes. As it appears the high stakes are no less understood. In a growing way, public policy (like culture) seems to be governed through a scorecard for social status. Priorities have been drastically redesigned.

Of course, social concerns require a spot up our country's scale of authority, however, at the moment, these issues appear to be on the top of the ladder.

If “safety” is the prevention of government overreach, then the Biden White House is far from being in a position to earn top marks.

If Joe's exit is to happen from the Oval Office, surely a growing number of Democrats who are in the majority and within the electorate won't be deprived of even a snooze in the event of it happening. The approval rating of Joe has fallen down to just 36 percent.

But, then again, that leaves the Dems with the following:

Is impeachment on the table? In any case, we're playing against a player who's flinching in the midst of a Code Red.

Regarding Mr. Voight's comment about “sacrificed blood, sweat and tears,” we think we are leaving behind America's fundamental values. A 100-year-old veteran slammed the changes:

“I am so angry because the things we've done, and the fights we fought for, as well as the soldiers who were killed to defend it, everything is gone to waste. The country we live in is going to hell-in-a-handbasket. We don't have the kind of country that I had as a child, not even in the slightest. No one will experience the joy I enjoyed. No one will ever have the experience I did. It's different. It's not what our soldiers were fighting for, it's not the reason they sacrificed their lives for … The thing is that it's different. It's not the cause we fought for.”

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