Swalwell Shares Glimpse of Democrats Real Message

You're unlikely to find many people who are fans of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-California) on this site, given that the congressman played an active role in the sham of the second Donald Trump impeachment trial, and is currently on the similarly hilarious 6th of January Committee. He appears to be enjoying spending his time before television screens or on social media. He's where he is incorrect on all sorts of things, from the COVID epidemic to the fake racist smears against the then-gubernatorial hopeful Glenn Youngkin, among other things that RedState has previously reported.

However, in a bizarre incident that occurred the day after Independence Day, my colleague Nick Arama caught Swalwell doing things right for a change. He attempted to explain through several tweets sent to his followers that criticizing the NRA isn't going to give Progressives the “gun control” they want. Nick made it clear, however, that his message was not well received and the tweets were even attacked for his “blind squirrel finding a nut” moment.

The day before, Swalwell posted to social media followers on Twitter that he believes to be as the “Democrats' message” -and not only has the pendulum turned back to his position of being completely wrong and what he wrote is unintentionally both shocking and scary.

He wrote:

What is the Democrats' argument? I see this every day. Simple.

We are the party of freedom.

The freedom to make your own health-care decisions.

You can be free from the anxiety about gun violence.

The right to vote is considered.

Our message is our beliefs.

Freedom for everyone.

I'm sure that I'm not alone in this. After I read it, the only thing I could imagine was George Orwell's “1984.” Every single item listed on the Democrat checklist is dependent on the government to grant you the right to “freedom” — which isn't a definition of freedom that me or anyone else has ever heard of.

This is what Democrats are actually telling us:

The government will grant the woman back her “right” to an abortion or hormone blockers, or anything else you'd like.

The government will remove or reduce the legally recognized right to carry arms for a few of your friends and fellow Americans and so that you are assured that you are “safe.”

The government is going to allow Democratic candidates to commit election fraud, which means you'll find yourself with no choice other than to support them.

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