Tweet to Jill Biden Gets Retired Army General in Hot Water

Jill Biden was trending on Twitter on Saturday due to the things her stepson Hunter addressed her in his messages.

This is because, once again, we appear to be in one of those situations that has two sets of rules. In this case, when you're in the middle of Bidens , it's unlikely to be a good thing for you.

The Army has suspended a three-star general who retired, Gary Volesky — one of the men who was awarded his silver medal for courage when serving in Iraq while the Army is conducting an investigation. He is still employed by the Army in a contract role in which he advised active-duty soldiers as a mentor at a cost of the sum of $92 per hour.

What was it that he did that resulted in a suspension and an investigation? He reacted to a tweet sent by Jill Biden.

“For nearly 50 years, women have had the right to make our own decisions about our bodies,” Jill stated. “Today, that right was stolen from us.”

This, of course, was actually a lie. It was the Supreme Court decision that found there was no constitutional basis for the decision and returned the issue to the states so Americans could have a say on the issue. But this was talking about norms. Jill Biden, whose husband was supposed to uphold the Constitutional order, was instead attacking and slamming the Supreme Court.

Volesky tweeted in response to the tweetwith “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is.” Not the most shocking thing that could happen in the world, but definitely funny, as well as right on target.

However, they suspended him for this, and are conducting an investigation to determine if he “violated decorum rules for retired officers.”

So, I've got a couple of questions.

If this was somehow an offense for stepping into political issues, I'd love to understand how they describe this attack coming from that of the Department of Defense under Joe Biden against Tucker Carlson?

Also, they had officials in uniform accounts harassing Tucker Carlson because he raised the issue of Joe Biden's primary focus on “maternity flight suits and updating requirements for hairstyles.” It was not a problem with respect to decorum.

It's ok to discuss smiting the Fox host and the remarks about diversity are okay, but a mild observation regarding Joe Biden's wife?

Don't make the mistake of pretending that you're not involved in politics when you're in the thick of it and spreading it everywhere.

The reason we know this is that it was targeted toward Jill Biden and also because Volesky proved that he could have the wrong political views. If the comments of Volesky were appropriately leftist and targeted toward Tucker Carlson or a Republican politician, there would not have been an issue. It's a problem for our military and shouldn't be politically influenced. We can observe it live in the moment it's taking place.

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