White House Falsified Transcript to Keep Old Joe Safe

I can remember that first moment when I saw Anchorman, the 2004 popular comedy that starred Will Ferrell. It was an instantly iconic film, and among the most famously quotable films ever. Numerous memes were born out of the hilarious scenes, which included the concept that someone is so naive and unconnected that they'll listen to everything their teleprompter tells them to read.

It was a surprise to anyone that we'd have the real-life Ron Burgundy in the White House almost twenty years later. Joe Biden has had numerous battles with his comically large Teleprompter, and on Friday Biden took on the role of Burgundy in repeating commands “end of quote” and “repeat the line” while looking at the large font on the screen in the middle of his face (Biden cannot use a normal Teleprompter, and he's using an enormous TV instead).

When the video began to spread, Biden's assistant press secretary was quick to assert that Biden actually had said “let me repeat that line.” As you see in the video, it's an untruth which created a legend of a ratio.

There's no doubt that Biden was instructed to read from his teleprompter which he wasn't required to read, something one would expect from a senior, senile, old man, who the president certainly is. But, shockingly, Biden's White House decided to falsify the transcript and claim Biden stated “let me repeat the line,” which was actually the lie originally of an assistant to the press secretary and one that was debunked simply by watching the video. 

Perhaps I'm old-fashioned, but it's not a good idea for an administration to lie about the official government document to shield Biden from legitimate concerns regarding his mental state. In actuality, I remember many people freaking out in the past when Trump had been accused of doing this (he did not). In this scenario, we have a president who is so old and inept that he cannot deliver a speech using a teleprompter that is as big as a movie screen.

It's a joke, and further proof that Biden isn't the right person for the task. If Biden was not a Democrat this would be an outrage. Actually, I'm old enough to remember the day that Trump was walking down a ramp at a slow pace and drew calls for the 25th amendment. In the end, it's just another drop in the bucket. Perhaps I'm just insane to think that these types of lies are really a problem? 

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