An Expert Tells Democrats the Purpose of an AR-15

It's a cry that we hear repeatedly: Why do we require a black, spookily-shaped or a cryptic “weapon of war” -that has never been utilized by the U.S. military?

Contrary to common wild framing, the AR-15 is just the most modern version of the basic rifle. Consider the work of Daniel Boone “Old Tick Licker,” go back 270 years, and you'll find something that is lighter, more spacious as well as more precise and more readily accessible.

Why should you as well as Daniel's wonderful (times 6) grandchildren have one? In a recent video, Gun guru Colion Noir tackles the important question using an entire well of water.

In case you're not aware, the activist from Houston and lawyer hosts NRATV and also spoke at the NRA's annual convention. His pro-2A YouTube channel has more than two million subscribers, and he's been a featured host on The Joe Rogan Experience and Real Time with Bill Maher.

For those who are wondering why someone needs an AR, Colion offers a number of reasons — one for every finger.

First, he clarifies, “The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights and not the Bill of Needs. … There isn't any ‘need'-based requirement to what gun you can carry within the Second Amendment.”

The next step is in order…

Reason #1:

You'll need an AR-15 to guard against burglaries that involve several suspects.

Colion requests that the liars get up:

“If you were aware that four gunmen would attack your business or home and attempt to kill you and your family, which weapon would you choose to defend yourself? A handgun or an AR-15? If you said handgun, you're lying. If you mentioned that you want the AR-15, you've just proved my point. The AR-15 is the ideal weapon to defend yourself against intruders that are trying to kill you.”

“During a home invasion with multiple suspects,” he says, “you're already at a massive disadvantage. … There are times when you have only a few seconds to respond to people who want to take your life. However, these criminals have several days or weeks to prepare ahead for their actions.”

Life is full of sacrifices however, some of them aren't necessary:

“Handguns are the perfect compromise. They're certainly easy to transport, however they're ineffective and are much more difficult to shoot accurately than AR-15s. Shotguns can stop but they're not equipped with the capacity. This is okay if those who are trying to kill you flee after you shoot. If they remain in the fight and continue to hurt you, you're in trouble. This is where the AR-15 is important. AR-15s are more comfortable to shoot with precision, they possess more capacity and significantly less recoil. The AR-15 is much less difficult to shoot than a shotgun. Consequently, you also have the benefit of safeguarding your hearing. These factors instantly make you an equal playing field with the criminals who want to murder you. In a nutshell: “All of the advantages that people would like to claim about an AR-15 provides to criminals, it also offers to law-abiding citizens.”

“Honestly,” he says, “I could end the video at that point. But let's not stop.”

Reason #2:

You'll require an AR-15 to defend yourself from civil disturbances.

“[W]hen it occurs, you shouldn't count on the police since they're too busy trying to handle the chaos. … Mobs of people engage in actions that normally would not be done. … Trust me…at any moment you could be in the wrong place with the mob. If this (violent) mob chooses to attack you it's going to require you to carry an AR-15… … Handguns aren't a threat to mobs, while shotguns are a lot difficult to shoot consistently due to the force of recoil. …”

Reason #3:

You'll require an AR-15 to defend yourself in the event of a national catastrophe or a SHTF scenario.

“Natural catastrophes can occur at any time and occur far more frequently than civil disturbances and tend to last for a longer time. Following a natural disaster…you're all by yourself. If the situation is severe enough or prolonged, you'll live in an unregulated situation. Criminals love this since individuals are easy targets. .. Do you think the risk you'll face at night, without electricity in the dark and without police around to assist you and there are criminals raging around the city, looking to steal the little you have however, you must get out and locate your loved ones or buy emergency items? You want the best thing possible to protect yourself in that environment…because the police can't help you.”

Reason #4:

You'll require an AR-15 since everybody else has one -even criminals.

“There are, at least, two million ARs across the country. It's possible that you don't have an AR however, others do. Consider asking yourself: would you really like to be the only one without an AR-15 in a world in the midst of criminals and police (armed with them)?”

Colion declares the obvious, but is why it seems to be a mystery to advocates for gun control:

“Criminals generally do not adhere to the law. This means that criminals own all the firearms they're not allowed to own, such as guns like the AR-15.”

He's got a talent to break it down:

“Why would you want to see the struggle for the life of yours to become a lopsided match? I would like to know what criminals are trying to use against me , or better. Therefore, if criminals own AR-15s they might be able to use against you, the AR-15 is required to combat the criminals. This isn't rocket science.”


You'll need an AR-15 because you aren't sure about the authority of the government.

And don't worry, you're not alone.

“A study conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that only 2/10 Americans believed the federal government in Washington will follow the law “just about always” 2 percent of the time or most often' 19 percent of the time. … It also revealed that just 29 percent of Democrats as well as Democratic-leaning Independents claim they believe in the government all the time or almost all of the time. This is odd considering that the people who ask, “Why should you have the AR-15?' tend to be generally or even more often Democrat or democratically-leaning nonpartisans. If the majority of Americans do not trust the government, why should you be able to defend yourself against the same government that you don't believe in?”

The man links America's early beginnings with the current right to carry arms:

“The founding fathers utilized their own guns to gain victory in their battle in the Revolutionary War against a tyrannical government. They later made the Second Amendment to protect the…right to own and carry arms, so that…people in the future can make use of their own firearms the way they used to serve as a deterrent…or to defend themselves against an oppressive government, either domestic or foreign. The most effective weapon to accomplish this now…is the AR-15.”

The article concludes with an excerpt from the former Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kosinski, about Americans having right to ARs in the case of a federal government:

“However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people gets to make only once.”

Colion is a powerful voice but will people across the aisle ever be able to hear this? In any case, a significant part of the nation must first understand what an AR-15 actually means. Are there any chances that politicians and journalists eventually admit that it's not really an actual machine gun? You can call it less than probable.

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