District Attorney of LA Isn’t Looking Good

Los Angeles is one of the most extreme cities across the nation. It is a place where crime is usually ignored and the criminals can run wild in the streets. It's tough to cut down on crime when criminals are granted free reign to do whatever they like, repeatedly.

The LAPD is tired and disgruntled of performing their duties but only to ask to allow the LA County District Attorney to use a more liberal approach and let the criminals go without more than a stern warning.

George Gascon is the LA County District Attorney in LA County. He's not liked by everyone.

California has created an increasingly common practice to use a recount as a method to eliminate anyone they do not would like to. A recount was conducted against governor Gavin Newsom last year, however, he was able to stay in his position.

A new petition for recount is being prepared for Gascon. The campaign has led to 717,700 signatures being submitted to the registrar's office. This amounts to 26% more than what is needed. They're taking precautions in the event that even one of their signatures gets rejected.

This level of support for this petition is evidence that Gascon isn’t loved in Los Angeles.

Gascon's permissive policies have led to many repeat offenders in their streets. The campaign managed to secure an urgent push to sign up signatures in the event that two police officers were killed. And who was the culprit? It's true that he should have been in jail, but Gascon's liberal policies resulted in another calamity.

The only way criminals are able to gain knowledge is to pay for crimes that they've committed. If they're returned to the streets, there is no way to deter them. They get bolder since they aren't convinced that laws can be used against them. With Gascon as DA, this is going to continue.

Breitbart News said that the campaign had achieved its goal of signatures by the middle of June. They kept collecting more signatures to fill in the gaps. This is the biggest petition campaign ever recorded in LA county. Furthermore, more than 10 percent of registered voters' names are included in the petition.

One reason why Gascon was successful in winning the election in 2020 is the support he received from George Soros, a leftist billionaire who donated millions to the liberal DA's election campaign.

In the days following his entry into office, everyone realized the error they made. Gascon barred prosecutors from filing sentencing enhancements in criminal cases. Gascon also pushed to abolish the rule of three strikes. Even a judge was needed to block some reforms to liberalize the law that reduced the punishment for some of the most grave criminal acts.

There's been a lot of crime in California in recent years. A lot of this is due to”criminal justice reform” by the Democrats.

San Francisco had enough last month when they fired Chesa Boudin.

Californians are sick of watching politicians befriend those who support the Black Lives Matter movement that includes defunding police. Liberals have claimed that it's racist to place Black people in prison. But it's a mistake to allow crime to occur because people don't want to comply with the law.

That's the reason why we're witnessing so much effort being put into getting George Gascon out of the post in the office of LA County District Attorney.

If the signatures are confirmed, a recall for Gascon will be on the November vote within Los Angeles. Everyone is hoping to see it happen since the ease with which crime is dealt has been slated to end.

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