Washington Post Thinks Biden Deserves a Break

Since the time President Joe Biden took office the Washington Post has been pushing Biden's policies and ideals in a blind way. The Post's persistent belief that Biden's left-of-center, liberal, and narrow-sighted views will repair America.

From protecting violent rioters and doing whatever they can to get President Trump to appear as an antagonist, they have no desire to vote for anything Republican.

So, when columnist Dana Milbank penned a piece about Sleepy Joe you knew that it would end up being complete rubbish.

“Here's the deal, Democrats: You need to give Joe Biden a break,” Biden said as he criticized Democrats for “complaining about the president's failure to channel outrage about mass shootings, the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, and MAGA Republicans' assaults on democracy.”

In laying out a myriad of reasons why people should leave Biden alone, the article ran on in a manner that brought memories of the clip that showed the crying teenager with a blanket begging the people to free Brittney.

The whining about the mess the President has drawn himself into with the media as well as foreign politicians and even his American colleagues Americans is a song which has been played for over two years at this point.

President Biden has been mostly successful in achieving almost every aspect that could be imagined and in ways that many people believed he wouldn't be able to. The fact that he was able to enjoy a prosperous economy, a thriving work market, as well as steady gas prices at the time we were beginning to escape from a pandemic was not enough for him.

Instead, he's led us to an explosion of inflation and which has led us into recession, and even though jobless claims are not soaring the reason is that many people have dropped from the reporting grid; not because they were able to find work.

For those like Milbank and others, this is an honor as we're no longer surrounded by other snarky tweets. In the meantime, the number of violent crimes is increasing and, in Democratic-controlled cities such as San Francisco and Chicago, people are hiring private security to make sure their belongings and their homes aren't robbed.

The great Joe Biden is nothing but an unimaginable nightmare for the American people. And the radical liberals such as Milbank do not care as they wait until Trump goes away.

“Those saying Biden has generally failed to attack Republican extremism overlook months of heat: saying ‘this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in recent American history,' denouncing ‘the big lie being told by the former president and may Republicans who fear his wrath,' condemning the ‘unconscionable' obstruction by Senate Republicans, and lambasting Republicans' ‘ultra-MAGA' agenda.”

The notion that Republicans are filled with radicals is nothing more than massive smear campaigns. Conservatives are all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes. From across the nation they've stepped out to attempt to get Biden out of the White House.

His terrible “leadership” is costing American citizens their rights, freedom, and their money every day. The American citizens shouldn't be forced to endure such incompetence at the White House.

Although leftists like to criticize the lack of filtering that president Trump had, it was because he didn't have the opportunity to become an elected official. We now have the yin and the yang, and we are able to discern how absurd being a politician can turn an older man.

This President is one of shame and embarrassment to his fellow American people.

Prior to the presidency of Joe Biden, it was easy to have people from the average class who were pleased with their President and what he did. Today, it's a rare thing if you locate someone who is aware of which sex they are and even loves the person.

The shambles executed by president Biden will only serve to further divide an already fractured country and is driving us away to the poor house and straight towards a complete economic collapse.

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