Biden Cuts Pay and Benefits for up to 60,000 Military Members

As there is a time when the U.S. military is facing an unprecedented shortage of recruits, Joe Biden is cutting the benefits and pay of six thousand National Guard and Reserve soldiers. The reason for this? They didn't want to take the potentially dangerous, experimental, ineffective COVID shot. The incident occurred during the Guard's most busy training season. They're expected to stay between two months and two weeks to improve their skills and be fully prepared to deploy. However, they're not barred from training or being considered dirty, second-class citizens as a result of the criminal Biden regime.

It's now clear that COVID shots do not shield against COVID. There is increasing evidence that suggests that the mRNA technology being used to create “vaccines” here is actually extremely dangerous. The military's own data have verified this.

June 30 was the date for Guard and Reserve soldiers to adhere to Joe Biden's illegal and unlawful shot mandate. The 40,000 National Guard troops and around 22,000 Reserve soldiers have refused to take shots, and Joe Biden is no longer paying the soldiers. The president is also cutting benefits to military personnel. They're not allowed to take part in military exercises. All they're permitted to do is show up at the office in order to begin their separation paperwork.

To make things even more difficult, the Biden administration has refused to grant any religious exemptions to military personnel and has granted only 22 medical exemptions from the thousands of requests for the exemptions. There is not a single member belonging to either the National Guard or the Reserves who has been granted a religion-based exemption. Soldiers with an unanswered health or religion exemption application can still train and get benefits and pay, however it's unlikely Joe Biden will allow any of the remaining exemptions.

It is worth noting that the Biden Department of Defense continues to maintain that the adverse side effects of the shots are extremely rare. They claim that just 22 soldiers have had heart inflammation as an adverse consequence. We know that this is an absolute lie since an attorney who represented an organization of Navy SEALs who were fighting Biden's illegal mandates released information from U.S. Army's DMED database to the media just a few months ago. This is the army's epidemiology database, and is considered the most reliable source of vaccine data around the world.

According to military's own statistics 20,000 troops (12,000 women as well as 8,000 males) were sterilized sexually between in January and August, just after Biden's directives began being implemented. The average of five years for the military is just 200 service members being sterilized with the regular twelve vaccines (not those who received the COVID vaccination). The military had a 10X sterilization rate once they started applying Biden's directives.

As many as tens of thousands military personnel were diagnosed with neurological issues following the shot. Certain of these diseases were temporary, however, many were life-threatening disorders that soldiers were diagnosed with like epileptic seizures.

The shots don't seem to perform their job, and we are aware of this too. In every country which keeps track of its vital statistics pertaining to vaccinations, people who have been vaccinated have a higher chance than non-vaccinated people to contract COVID or be hospitalized with an COVID infection, and eventually die from COVID. The data from Israel as well as Canada, Israel UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, and other nations have confirmed this. If the next VAERS report of the CDC will be released sometime in July, the data from America will show this too.

The shots aren't safe and don't work. In addition, it is important to note that military personnel aren't among the population of the age group (75 and over) which is the most likely to experience a difficult time with COVID.

Biden's directives are absurd. We'll lose 13% from the National Guard and 12% of the Reserves because of his obstinate insistence on not doing things right. Do people feel safe when Joe Biden is in charge of the military? 

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