Biden Looks at Pictures while Press is Hurried Away

It's been a while since the media has begun to speak about Joe Biden's age and cognitive problems. The NY Times is now amplifying his problems, pointing out that Biden's White House is trying to manage the situation to get Biden more “rest” in Delaware because Biden isn't able to take an international trip for 10 days to ensuring that they do everything they can to block the press from speaking to Biden during unscripted interviews.

A large part of this is because his numbers are so low and he's in a toxic situation as well. Democrats are fleeing his ire, and the media thinks they can now speak out about the current situation as well as his lack of clarity. Of course, he's been incoherent since before he was elected to office, but they weren't forced to admit the issue since it could have hurt the Democrats prospects of winning. If the media were truthful, perhaps we wouldn't be in this predicament now. However, given the nature of the news and the fact that they're now acknowledging the small number of Democrats are in favor of him running again — more than two thirds of them do not want himIt appears that they're planning for a change. It's likely after the midterms to at least announce that he's not going to run for a second time.

At the moment, it's difficult to hide the problem. Every day, the reporter seems to be making a mess or his staff are forced to get journalists out.

This morning, Biden revealed something very interesting -the first color image that shows the universe's majesty from James Webb's telescope. 

It's incredible and stunningly vivid. I'd wager that the majority of people would be amazed by the image.

From the Daily Beast

The latest image is a stunning image of SMACS 0723, a part of the night sky that contains the largest galaxy cluster whose gravity is capable of stretching light around it, magnifying and bending bright objects that are in the background. SMACS 0723 offers a vast field of view of extremely far away and faint communities of galaxies and stars.

“If you held a grain of sand at the tip of your finger at arm's length, that's the amount of space that you're seeing,” said NASA director Bill Nelson. “You're seeing just a small little portion of the universe.”

However, Joe Biden's reaction could be the reason, in part, they decided to eject the press into the room.

Biden thought, “I wonder what the press is like in those other places.” Biden smiled as if the thought was hilarious and nobody was laughing. His staff then said, “We're gonna give time for the press to leave,” while Biden laughed once more and they hustled the media out.

It tells us something about where Biden's brain is in that the very first thing he is thinking about when faced with this kind of scenario is his press.

The purpose for the ceremony is to make the announcement. Why do they want to shut the media out? In spite of such a huge image, they didn't wish to have the media question the declining Biden. I'm sure they were not interested in any discussion regarding the 4Chan dump and Biden's son. Biden's inability to even make an impact on an event like this, which isn't requiring any effort and could be a breeze.

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