Elon Musk Says DeSantis Should Win Easily in 2024

Elon Musk has responded to former President Donald Trump's assertion that Musk has been “another bull–t artist.” Trump was talking about Musk pulling off on the Twitter deal, and declaring that Musk supported him, however, Musk claims that he voted Republican for the first time in 2022 in the race for Texas Rep. Mayra Flores.

Musk claimed the deal was not working in reference to the Twitter “bot” problem, but the deal isn't completed, since Musk's agreement could be resolved by a judge. Trump stated during his rally held in Anchorage, Alaska:

” Elon isn't going to buy Twitter … Also, Where did you hear this previously? It was from my side … Elon is himself in a mess. I've reviewed his contracts … You know that Elon claims that he has never been a Republican. However, I didn't know this because Elon has told me that he voted for me and he's a bull–t-artist.”

It's unclear if Musk has voted in support of Trump or even Biden in 2020. but he did say that he had voted for the former president Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Another reason Trump could have thrown Musk out was Musk's comments. Musk said he was thinking of and may support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) in 2024 should he decide to run for president.

Musk has responded to Trump via Twitter.

“I do not have anything against the man however, it's about the right time for Trump to put down his hat and sail off towards the sunset. Dems must also halt the assault – don't create the impression that Trump's only chance to stay alive is to win the presidency.”

While Musk stated that he'd be a Republican, it does not look like he'll be voting in favor of Trump in 2024, if Trump chooses to seek another term. Musk said:

“Trump will be 82 by the time of his term's end, which is a lot of years too old to become the head of government of any organization, even in the United States of America. If DeSantis runs against Biden at the 2024 election, DeSantis will win without a doubt without even having to run.”

The talk show host syndicated to the air, Joe Pagliarulo, mentioned the Trump administration's achievements, Elon said:

“Yeah it's true, but there's too much drama. Do we really need an unending China store each and every day? Additionally, I think that the minimum legal age for the start of Presidential terms should start at 69.”

In the recent New York Times/Siena College poll, one Michigan teacher who was a supporter of Biden in 2020 stated:

“I'm trying to be the first to say : I want young blood … I am tired of all the elderly people in our country. I don't want anyone coming in to knock on death's door.”

It's going to be an interesting primary in 2024 if DeSantis or Trump both are running in 2024. However, Musk has stated that he'll support DeSantis should he run.

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