Greg Abbott Uses Analogy to Explain Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Problem

Writers for over an entire year have published articles after articles about the continuing Biden Border Crisis(tm) and the increasing number of illegal aliens rushing across the Southern Border, threatening not only states and towns along the border, but also the interior of America and the entire country.

As I wrote on July 5th, a variety of Texas counties have since made “declarations of invasion” in response to the escalating crisis. In addition, as my colleague Nick Arama reported on June 30th, the Supreme Court ruled against the “Remain in Mexico” policy which is officially known informally as “Migrant Protection Protocols” -which was implemented by former President Donald Trump.

According to CNS News, the decision that the Biden administration is no longer required to follow its Remain within Mexico policy will result in approximately 18,000 “immigrants” illegally crossing the border every day, over six million annually. The worst part is that the figures were made public to  government officials from the Biden administration.

In a Sunday morning interview for Fox News, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott put Biden's illegal alien “invasion” into proper, eye-opening context:

“We'll have around one Houston crossing the border each year.”

“So this is going to be a total disaster,” Abbott warned according to the transcript provided in CNS News, adding:

“Texas led the way to get rulings from the courts to preserve an open mind to the” Remain In Mexico” policy, and also to maintain the Title 42 policy. As you have pointed out, the Supreme Court has stricken down the Remain in Mexico policy.”

Let me provide the numbers given to administration officials of the Biden administration. They forecast that following the end of these policies, we would see around 18,000 people crossing across the border illegally each day.

Extend that to the year, you'll have over 6 million people crossing the border every year.

Abbott was still furious over Biden's illegal and ill-intentioned invasion of his home state together with Arizona and California.

These counties are facing something totally unusual. It was only two years ago that there was the lowest amount of people crossing the border, and there were fewer apprehensions during President Trump. Then President Biden was in charge and ended all the policies President Trump had put in place which has caused this unimaginable massive number of people to cross the border.


Yes, we are experiencing an invasion caused by the cartels that are crossing our border, and are bringing individuals into the country in staggering amounts.

Abbott stated that “technical reasons” in the U.S. Constitution allow Texas to label this “Biden border Crisis(tm) to be an invading force, which could trigger additional strategies that the Lone Star State and other states could employ to combat the current crisis.

“There are two provisions in the U.S. Constitution, Article IV, section 4, and Section 10 of Article I. In the executive order I signed this past week, I mentioned both of them. In addition, I mentioned a section of the Texas constitution , which also includes the word “invasion”.”

The point of using those words is to trigger certain other strategies and ways which states could use their authority to protect themselves from actions like this which are influenced by cartels.

Then the cartels.

As I wrote in my 5th of July post, the efforts of DPS Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as well as other state agencies under this Biden administration have resulted in more than 236,000 arrests of migrants as well as nearly 14,000 arrests for criminals, as well as more than 11,300 criminal charges.

More than 3,800 weapons and nearly $30 million worth of currency have been confiscated and. The most important number in the ongoing battle against America's most serious pandemic, the deadly fentanyl pandemic,  DPS agents have confiscated nearly 300 million deadly doses across the country.

The bottom line is:

While the Biden border Crisis(tm) is a deliberate ploy to continue unabated while the Administration continues to come up with absurd “fixes,” tell outright lies, and does not pay attention to the huge rise in fentanyl overdoses, Texas and Arizona are left to their individual fates.

In the meantime, residents from California's “sanctuary state” — also known as the no longer-Golden State in the sense of continue to be victims to murderous and senseless acts that shouldn't be happening and Gavin Newsom, the state's insane governor continues to throw California taxpayer money at illegals at the speed he can.

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