Hero Citizen Foils Shooting Plot

For decades, people have been taught “See something, say something” during deployments or working in a dangerous area, or recently at schools. This message was deeply ingrained in the mind of a man from Richmond, Virginia. As per Richmond Police Chief, this “hero citizen” overheard a discussion between a couple concerning their plans for a mass shooting and told police.

After receiving the information after receiving the tip, police inspected an apartment where firearms as well as ammunition were confiscated. Two individuals, Julio Alvardo-Dubon and Rolman Balacarcel were charged as non-citizens who possessed a firearm due to the investigation. Both of them hail from Guatemala neither are legal citizens. Although Alvarado-Dubon has expired papers, there's been any information yet released on the expiration date of his visa and if Balacarcel is in the country illegally too, or if both are with expired papers.

Following the news, Virginia Republican Governor Glen Younkin tweeted his congratulations. “I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the brave man in Virginia who stopped a possible mass murder by alerting our courageous Richmond Police Department Officers that do their best every day to ensure the safety of our communities. It's a wonderful reminder that should you witness something that you think is suspicious, report it to your local police department.”

Mass shootings at a rate of 1 in 5 on the 4th of July is an unimaginable number; however, considering the way they typically end up, it's not something to be worried about. It was an honest task well-done by the officers in identifying the right person and put the suspect in jail almost immediately. They did what was right and also swarmed the shooters out of the way quickly.

However, following the massacres in north Chicago, the Illinois Democrat Governor issued an official statement on July 4. “Our founding fathers were armed with muskets but they did not carry assault guns. And I doubt that any one of them would've believed that you had an Constitutional right to use an assault weapon that has a large capacity magazine. Or that this matters more than the right of participants in the parade today to live their lives.”

Clearly he has no idea what he is talking about. He's never heard of anything such as grapeshot cannon barrels that revolve and triangle bayonets. With the help of documents, speech transcriptions, as well as historical accounts of their actions as founding fathers, they would have been interested in seeing the progress we've made using firearms. They would also be embarrassed by the state of mind of the people in our nation, as well as their morals and beliefs.

The ability to capture shooters in the manner of this prior to them committing any do anything is vital to ensure that we protect this amendment to the constitution in our country as well, but also to aid in ensuring that the American citizens continue to flourish in their everyday lives. In speaking up whenever someone was talking about something, this kind of citizen made sure he was keeping his fellow citizen protected from illegal and unjust actions of other people.

Whatever the difficulty is in the beginning, sharing your information to the authorities and letting them decide what to do is the best route to proceed. In contrast to the mob, the random shooters don't target one person. Instead, they're after massive crowds of people. They have no concern regarding the life of other people and seek to cause as much damage as they can. According to the saying, one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment.

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