Man’s Lungs Fall Out Due to Rare Illness

Since the majority of boys have played sports, most of them have balls that have been inflated. However, a 72-year-old was able to make it different.

Everybody knows that snakes can make a noise, and the man was able to hear a hissing sound emanating from his crotch. Thankfully, it wasn't the sound of a ball python. However, the emergency was upon his back.

The New York Post:

A Ohio man…was concerned when he heard strange noises emanating from his sexual organs.

The man who is not identified was able to hear a “hissing'” noise, and is now believed to be the first human being in the world who has the “whistling scrotum,” according to the alarming study that was published by the American Journal of Case Reports.

He was taken to the ER with facial swelling and was breathless. What was the reason he was so out of breath?

An X-ray showed “excessive” bubbles of air. While they floated around the body of the patient, they caused his lungs to collapse. If not taken care of, they could fatally cause heart damage.

However, for the time being it was working:

The main cause of the man's peculiar whistling was identified as his open scrotum. The injury, caused by the operation to shrink swelling in the testicles five months prior, allowed some air trapped to escape.

A set of plastic tubes was used to draw out the air. But the man wearing the singing stones was not out of the woods.

The doctor. Brant Bickford and colleagues have written that he was referred to a different hospital for more treatment. The severity of his condition continued to worsen as the volume of air that was trapped between his lungs and chest wall grew and prompted doctors to insert a chest tube.

A few days after the incident, his condition improved. The patient was later discharged from the hospital.

The following two years were marked by higher-than-average inflation

However, he did experience air leaking from his scrotum. This is known as pneumoscrotum. He also had abdominal pain for a further two years, called an “abnormally long time.”

Certain people are health-conscious while others have a loose attitude. There's no information on what kind of man the person was.

Although doctors were unable to find the cause, they did note in their report that they were eventually required to remove both his testicles prior to resolving the issue.

Maybe it was an old injury from pickleball…

The study further explained that the pneumoscrotum could be the result of penetrating wounds, which resulted in the accumulation of air.

It was a fascinating case and the mystery surrounding the serenading sack will never be resolved completely.

Pneumoscrotum is an uncommon condition that occurs when air is trapped within the scrotum. In medical literature, just sixty cases are documented. Because air cannot get through your body's organs the air is usually required for medical intervention.

Dr. Bickford said it was unclear if the patient's condition was improving due to the “escape route.”

In the realm of medicine, certain scourges are apparent and others require more investigation. The doctors were able to identify the problem and provide him relief. It was a challenging diagnosis indeed.

So, if you meet a huevos free Ohio man who has a story of musical mishaps that almost always aired him out it's not just a whistlin ‘Dixie.. It was actually something close to the one you've just read about.

He might not sing his own song, but no one can deny that he's his particular kind of man. Here's to a wonderful and healthy life from now on.

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