Biden Just added fuel to the fire with the Tax Hike

President Biden isn't looking out for the American people. He hasn't since he entered the Oval Office. Presidents generally adopt an “America first” approach, but not old Joe. He's determined that Americans must be the last priority.

He ended policies that had kept our southern border safe.

He issued further stimulus checks to help create an unstable economy.

He was watching as supply chains became worse.

He took money from the military.

He required masks and vaccination orders that destroyed businesses.

It is clear that Biden does not care about the United States. He only pretends to so he can continue to play the role for the socialists that pull at the strings behind the scenes.

If Biden was concerned, we wouldn't be in the current economic crisis we are in. There wouldn't be price hikes at gas stations or in supermarkets. We wouldn't have to pay outrageously high costs for housing, either.

Many families with low or middle incomes struggle to survive. Many are one over-priced item away from losing everything.

Biden says he's doing everything possible to make things better. But, whenever he's questioned about the economy, Biden blames Trump, Putin, or any other person within a finger-pointing distance of him.

There's also an additional tax increase which was recently put into place.

In the trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that Vice President Biden signed in the last year, there's an excise tax rise which took effect on January 1st. The IRS was gracious enough to share this piece of information.

If you're thinking that your bills for groceries and other items seemed costly, be prepared because there are many things that will cost you more. The tax hike will amount to around $13 billion.

In the case of household items, you'll see items such as plastic, soap lights, electronics, and soap getting affected.

The White House has been calling it the “once-in-a-generation investment” when they talk about the infrastructure package. The IRS declares that the most recent time there was superfund excise tax on chemicals in effect occurred between the years 1987 and 1995.

A portion of the funds will be donated into the Superfund Trust Fund, which according to the EPA will assist in “cleaning up some of the nation's most contaminated land and responding to environmental emergencies, oil spills, and natural disasters.”

Be aware that the batteries used in the electric vehicles that are being promoted through the Biden administration aren't recyclable. They'll end in the dump, which will have a multitude of negative environmental impacts.

It's amusing. The administration invents an issue, taxes us to solve the issue, and then they pretend that they're doing us a favor.

The Biden administration has the nerve to tax us when we're already facing inflation (which has risen to 8.6 percent in the previous year) and the supply chain crisis.

Republicans have been especially critical. Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) has been adamant about the legislation from the beginning calling the bill's infrastructure plan “fake” and claiming that it will increase taxes and destroy jobs. He warned “its Superfund Tax will increase taxes on our petrochemical industry by $1.3 billion and that's going to endanger good jobs at a time when inflation is already ravaging Louisiana families.”

The rest of the country, too.

The White House has been questioned regarding the reasons they're going forward with the excise tax when inflation is on the rise, and they've refused to provide any information. If we try to reach the press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for her thoughts, she probably won’t even know what we're discussing.

2024 and the opportunity for a new administration to take over will not come soon enough.

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