Sen. John Kennedy Shares Damning Facts About Biden’s ‘Deeply, Profoundly Stupid’ Energy Policy

Joe Biden's deliberately destructive energy strategy has proved disastrous from his very first day as president, in which he ended the Keystone XL Pipeline project. However, that was only one of many aspects the plan.

After that brilliant decision, the most inept president ever has continued down his destructive track, blatantly accusing Big Oil of “profiteering”—which is wrong—and continuing to pursue Bidenomics, Bldenflation, and the Biden Supply Chain Crisis. The buck-passer initially blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin, then the Republican Party, never acknowledging any blame himself. That is Biden being Biden.

One person who has blamed Biden repeatedly is Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy, who on Tuesday, went to the Senate floor to denounce Biden's attacks on the fossil fuel industry in America, which Kennedy said is pushing up costs in almost every aspect of American industry.

How hard did Kennedy criticize Biden? A great deal. As in, “Deeply, profoundly stupid” statements.

Here are some of the best extracts, as they are transcribed in Sen. Kennedy's release.

Deeply, profoundly stupid. That is thee only way I know how to describe one of the worst decisions behind an administration that has become famous for bad decisions. I'm talking about President Biden's attack on sustainable, affordable energy.

What seems to be underappreciated, Mr. President, however, is how President Biden’s agenda is driving up the price, not just of oil, but of all kinds of necessities that American and Louisiana families need every day. It’s not just about oil and gas—it’s about everything.

Not only do most goods get to our homes after riding in trucks, and planes, and cars and ships powered by gas or diesel, but a lot of our plastics and other products—if you think about it—they’re also made from petroleum.

Kennedy has already been fighting unfairly, using facts, history, and logic as well as common sense to fight against Democrat emotions and fearmongering. It's a shame, senator. absolutely unfair.

The truth is, that American ingenuity—and I’m referring to fossil fuels—has made the most out of one of the most versatile resources that the world has ever known. But, the Biden White House is determined to punish us for that innovation—just determined to punish us—by making every single part of the American Dream more expensive.

The left must eliminate all pertinent facts, data as well as logic, history, and common sense if they want to succeed in their propaganda campaigns. Yet the Louisiana senator listing facts about Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Now, high oil prices are also waterboarding our farmers which contributes to these high food prices. Did you know that we make industrial fertilizer with fossil fuels? And when natural gas costs more, so does fertilizing a field of wheat or corn or soybeans. Some of our herbicides right now are twice as expensive as they were—if farmers can find them.

Now, what does that mean for Louisiana rice farmers and other growers? For every extra dime farmers spend on a gallon of diesel—every extra dime—a grower will spend about $4.50 more for an acre of rice, $2.30 more for an acre of cotton, and an extra $1.74 for an acre of corn. Corn growers—I mentioned corn growers—they also depend on nitrogen fertilizer, which we make with methane.

And then corn—I mentioned corn—goes into cereal, goes into sweetened drinks, peanut butter, baby food, ketchup, and salad dressing. You know, I don’t mean to be ugly, but this administration’s energy policy is deeply, profoundly stupid.

Likely in a reference to Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia to beg the kingdom for oil solely for political reasons—Kennedy advised of the dangers associated with the import of oil from abroad.

For the sake of Americans’ economic futures and for the sake of our national security, Mr. President, we cannot continue to rely on foreign oil imports—we can’t—while pretending to run this country using wind, solar and wishful thinking. Because that’s what the president’s new policy is on energy. It’s wind. It’s solar. It’s wishful thinking. Wishful thinking doesn’t fill gas tanks or grocery carts.

It was a brutal beating. It was a well-deserved beating obviously, but to have a U.S. senator burn the president of the United States to a charcoal briquette on the Senate floor is brutal.

Finally, Biden's planned, attack on American energy is an unprecedented, self-inflicted assault against and the U.S. economy overall. Although it was crafted by Biden's cronies well before his so-called victory in the 2020 presidential election—similiar to Biden's disastrous open border policy—the president has been lying to honest, hardworking Americans from the beginning.

Biden deflecting his energy woes by publicly promoting electric vehicles is absurd. This has offended a large number of Americans affected by Biden's policies.

These are the actions of a deplorable puppet that is provided with cheat sheets from aids that tell him when to sit down or get up. Therefore, it is no surprise to anyone to know that Joe Biden doesn't use electric vehicles. The facts disprove his claims each time.

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