The White House Thinks You Are Crazy

Inflation reached 9 percent, the highest level since 1981, indicating another increase in the cost of living. Real wages also dropped -3.6 percent and Americans continue to have their financial resources squeezed on all sides.

The ending doesn’t seem to be coming very soon. While consumer prices are soaring, Democrats in Washington are planning to spend an additional trillion dollars. Don’t expect any compassion for the suffering of people in middle and lower-income classes from the White House. This was the message they gave: 

While today’s headline inflation reading is unacceptably high, it is also out-of-date. Energy alone comprised nearly half of the monthly increase in inflation. Today’s data does not reflect the full impact of nearly 30 days of decreases of gas prices, that have reduced the price at the pump by about 40 cents since mid-June. Those savings are providing important breathing room for American families. And, other commodities like wheat have fallen sharply since this report. 

I will translate that for you: You're ignorant.

That's the message that the White House is making by the release of this insulting and absurd statement in the wake of an inflation figure that was at a whopping 15 percent higher than the rate at which Biden began his presidency. Keep in mind, the 9.1 percent figure for the last month is being compared to June 2021. However, inflation was already four percent at this point during Biden's presidency.

The excuses offered don't make sense. Consider the fact that energy accounts for almost half of the increase in monthly revenue reported by the data. So, what? This would still mean an inflation of 8.9 percent, which is more than May's 8.6 percent and the highest level ever recorded during Biden’s presidency. This is the optimistic spin this White House wants to relate? Really?

It's likely because they believe that you're stupid. They really believe that they are able to proclaim numbers that were just announced “out-of-date,” and fool the American people. Eggs are priced 33 percent higher than they were last year. Coffee prices are up 15 percent. Meat products are rising by two-digit percentages. Biden's comment is “those numbers are out of date.” They must be joking. 

The mention that gas prices are down 30 cents—but not included in the report for June—is not true. As of the moment of writing, only 13 days left in July have gone by. This means that the majority of the days mentioned by White House officials where gas prices dropped are in the report for June.

The game of making it appear as if Americans are stupid isn't new either. The administration has been playing this game for quite a while.

How many times have we been told that inflation wouldn't be a problem? It was going to be a temporary issue? That it was plateauing? That it was supposed to decline (that was last month)? Each time, Biden and his handlers have made statements which are based on no evidence whatsoever. It's a form of gaslighting and they're doing it to prove that they can continue treating Americans as if they're fools. They're doing something similar with the recession that's been triggered, insisting it hasn’t yet begun.

It is up to voters to demonstrate to the president and his team in November that they're not willing to continue being treated like fools. This is one of the best ways to fight back against the falsehood and arrogance that's continually being spewed by the White House.

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