Don Lemon Demands Republicans be Treated as ‘Dangers’ to Society’

The new management at CNN announced they were determined to move away from the biased reporting that has been the norm at CNN for the last several years.

However, it appears that Don Lemon is throwing some sort of fit regarding the notion of being an objective and impartial journalist. It's something he's not sure how to do. Lemon doesn't believe it's appropriate to be “fair” to Republicans, since he believes Republicans pose a serious threat to society.

Pay attention to the absurdity of his bizarre rant:

We sit around and we talk about these things and we want to give this false equivalence to Democrats and Republicans. That is not where we are right now. Republicans are doing something that is very dangerous to our society and we have to acknowledge that. We have to acknowledge that as Americans, we must acknowledge that as journalists because if we don’t, we are not doing our jobs, Lemon declared.

“We cannot sit here and pretend like, well, Republicans it’s a — cut them a break. Let’s — we want to hear — they have a lot to answer for in this moment. A lot to answer for what happened with the former president of the United States, why they allow his antics to go on for so long. Why he is not accountable, why they go along with it and don’t say anything. They’ve got to answer for it. Why they are — whether you agree with abortion rights or not, why they have taken back a right that… was granted to American women for fifty years. They have to answer for those questions if they come here on CNN…They cannot expect to be coddled.”

This is totally in line with the Democratic campaign to discredit Republicans in a similar Alinsky-like manner, specifically to increase their chances of winning the midterm elections.

Another aspect that is hilarious is that this is an out-of-control fit of Lemon with the CNN leadership, who claims to want to return to true journalism, and report on the news with a sense of objectivity, not only pitch what Lemon has been for decades. Lemon appears like he's telling people in his office they’re not right, and Republicans—about half the nation—are inherently evil. Oh, Don, not only are you committing this falsehood and nonsense, but if you're looking to tell your bosses that you're not doing your job properly, keep going because you're doing an excellent job in proving that.

I'd guess that Lemon's new bosses aren't likely to be impressed by his remarks and one should be wondering if there's a parting of ways coming in the near future. This is one method of improving the network.

The other aspect of this story is how absurd this claim is. There were some extremists who rioted for three hours, and he's now trying to punish the GOP because of this.

In the meantime, the Democrats have been embracing all sorts of radical ideas and appear to be doing all to they can to undermine the nation, including eliminating the electoral college, packing the Supreme Court and removing the filibuster to ensure there's no minority opinion and have the power to control everything, not to mention promoting attempts to make it difficult for Supreme Court justices. This isn't just random extremists. This is the Democratic party. People such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to the support of protesters in Portland who were threatening Federal courthouses. She called federal agents reacting to being attacked “storm troopers” for daring to arrest rioters, after they were on the streets and detained. There was no concern over the threat to the democratic process.

Don Lemon has defended Antifa as “Anti-fascist” and downplayed the Antifa/BLM riots, which lasted for months and cost many lives, homes, businesses, and billions of dollars in damages, as nothing in comparison to the three hours of violence on Jan. 6. It's like saying that a “shoe can be replaced,” Lemon claimed. Lemon saying that people who were comparing the riots “not operating in reality.”

Republicans weren’t responsible for the death of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner, or any other victims who were killed. None of those who were killed during the BLM/Antifa protests were a shoe. That was “extremism.”

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