Israel is Victorious as Biden Meets with Saudi Prince

Joe Biden has to live with the consequences of his mistakes and big mouth, as he prepares to meet with Mohammed bin Salman who is the Saudi Crown Prince. Biden has been trying to avoid the prince due to allegations of violations of human rights. Biden believes the prince is accountable for ignoring the rights of his people. However, with the rising prices for oil, Biden must look like he’s doing everything he can in the name of the US.

Biden believes that by meeting the prince, he'll be in a position to convince him to increase the production of oil. He believes that a meeting with the prince can be beneficial for America, however the only country that will gain from this meeting is Israel.

The Jewish nation isn't an ideal target for the Biden administration. Biden's supporters have tried to show their support for Israel's enemies by engaging in anti-Israel and pro-Muslim policy.

Biden's inability to take action against Israel has resulted in the Jewish people winning several victories against him. Biden was unable to bring Iran back on board with signing a nuclear agreement. He also failed to get the Palestinian people recognised as a sovereign nation. He doesn't have the motivation within him to initiate an initiative and then see it through until it is completed.

Biden has many reasons to be working with the Saudi prince, who is the country's de facto ruler, who U.S. officials hold responsible for the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and other alleged infractions. The most important thing is that Biden needs the oil-rich Gulf Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, to help reduce the soaring energy costs due to Russia's war on Ukraine, which could indirectly help Kyiv amid concerns about the waning support from the international community as the war rages on. Food security, another pressing issue triggered by conflict, has also been discussed.

Israel hopes that the Saudi Prince can join hands with other countries that are already supporting Israel economically. In the past, President Donald Trump secured several leaders who were willing to enter into business deals with Israel. Additionally, Biden appears to be playing the side of enhancing the work his predecessors were doing. A move that will force the president to let go of his pride and accept that Trump was correct all along.

The prince is expected to participate in a summit within Jeddah, a Saudi city. There, the president will need to swallow his pride and his arrogance in the hopes of getting their help. Biden is hesitant to speak about the conference or even express enthusiasm for travel. Biden is aware that what he plans doing is in opposition to all the socialist values he has.

Biden is following the most powerful president to ever be in the White House. He could not reverse the incredible things Trump did in the name of America or the rest of the world. Donald Trump set in motion various projects and events which Biden is now ordered to keep going.

This and the Middle East policies are among the most outrageous stigmas Biden has endured over the last two years. Trump declared that Jerusalem was Israel's capital and even arranged for the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem. These two actions alone Biden has not been able to alter. Biden has to carry on his policies to remind him and his supporters that Trump is a far superior president than he could ever be.

Israel is expected to be the biggest winner of the forthcoming meeting. Biden has not yet gotten the support of the Palestinian people, or to overturn any pro-Israel policies Trump achieved.

The world will witness Biden, the United States President, come begging to the Saudi Prince to boost production of oil so Biden will be able to claim credit for decreasing the price of oil. However, in the end it is Israel who will be the one to benefit from getting more people in by implementing an economic growth strategy for the region which Trump was able to put together for them.

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