Army Will Require Female Soldiers to Share Bathrooms with Biological Males

If your daughter plans on a career in the Army it is possible that she will find more people during shower time than she expected.

According to NEWS under the guise under the heading “exclusive,” the branch's instruction provides the most current guidelines regarding bathing. It also outlines rules that are different from the ones you consider familiar.

The program, which is provided through scenarios, provides the correct responses to problems related to transgenderism.

Vignette Nine, for instance, deals with the requirement for urine samples: What happens if you are an “observer” who is uncomfortable having to observe a soldier that has “not [had] sex reassignment surgery” — pee into a cup?

The measures that are comfortable and tolerant are being considered:

Commanders might consider alternative methods of observation… The options may include observation by another person or medical professional with the same gender as the soldier.

What about washing? Based on the eighth vignette women are probably not to have a chance. Maybe the other woman won't poop.

A soldier changed between male and female… This soldier was not subject to the sex-reassignment procedure. … Other soldiers have reported discomfort when showering with females who have male male genitalia (in the open bay shower arrangement).

People concerned are able to have a discussion “with their chain of command.”


Soldiers must live as well as working environments that are usually basic, shabby, and marked by the lack of privacy. Every soldier will have access to the bathroom, billeting, and shower facilities that are associated with their gender…

The slide states the following: “commanders have discretion to employ reasonable accommodations” for example “installing shower curtains” or “adjusting shower schedules.”


Facilities cannot be identified, altered, or built to create transgender-only zones. Any modifications that are made are required to be accessible for all soldiers to utilize. Accommodations are not able to stigmatize or exclude the transgender soldier.

Are there any accommodations that are not required, such as curtains cause a transgender soldier to feel stigmatized? It's likely.

Naturally, the current issue was inevitable when the government embraced the radical notion that there was a “gender.” As I've stated before, prior to the advent of gender equality, every person in America was non-binary. The only distinction was according to their sex. The newly added layers of “gender identity” did not exist. As that distinction was seized up, raised, and then attached to the federal government, unisex showers were essentially made a part of.

All branches are tied to co-ed cleaning.

Other Army sketches — some of which were published previously through Popular Military — pertain to issues like “pronoun usage”:

A soldier goes to their commander and asks the commander to instruct all soldiers within their unit to speak with them using the same pronouns as their self-described gender. They do not complete the gender marker change form in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System(DERS).


Informing the soldier that the Army recognizes the gender of a soldier by the marker for gender… In conjunction with the gender marker the soldier must utilize the correct pronoun, in the event that it is appropriate, when addressing other soldiers. They should also expect to be addressed with the pronoun that is appropriate to the marker of gender.

In the case of pregnant women, it's related to medical issues and the connection:

Know that soldiers who changed genders may be susceptible to medical conditions that are related to their gender at birth. Transgender soldiers are treated as other soldier with the same medical health condition. … Commanding officers and units are required to comply with all guidelines pertaining to pregnant women.

In terms of culture, it seems to me that the military has become no longer. The very thing that was once the foundation of the military is now traded for something completely new.

Before, people enlisted or were invited into the military for reasons relating to personal development and patriotism. The enlistees gained maturity and discipline as a result of the fact that they were treated as just a part of a team and being compelled to obey strict requirements. While doing so they protected an honorable nation.

The new concept that is the Armed Forces emphasizes accommodation -as well as teaching Critical Race Theory and the terrible history of our country.

Despite the old rules that were imposed by the branch, women weren't required to shower with boys. We're now in the midst of a shift in society and a revolution of reverse is in the works. It's apparent in many ways. For instance, is the latest form of race-based discrimination.

What will the future of America appear like? It is certain that it is not a lot like the Americans of the past.

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