Bernie Sanders Backstabs Joe Manchin

According to recent reports as of late, Senator. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has removed the rug under Democrat hopes for a new reconciliation bill. Progressives, which includes those at the White House, were planning for a slightly reduced variant of the “Build Back Better” agenda that was still full of “climate” spending and tax rises. The inflation figures for the month of June exceeded 9.1 percent, however, Manchin quickly changed course and realized the financial ruin in the near future.

This decision has caused his Democrat colleagues into a rage as the moaning and crying was heard on Sunday's newscasts. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was on CNN in a decision to use the carpet to attack Manchin with a rhetorical attack, which included threatening Manchin personally.

Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Sen. Joe Manchin of “intentionally sabotaging” Biden's agenda, after Manchin West Virginia Democrat pulled his support for legislation that contained measures to combat climate change and increase taxes on wealthy corporations and individuals.

“He has sabotaged the president's agenda,” Sanders (I-Vt.) stated on Sunday's ABC News' “This Week.”

“If you go through the transcript in the last six months I declared that there are people similar to Manchin, Sinema to a lesser extent in their efforts to undermine the agenda of the president, what do the American people want, and what a majority of us within the Democratic caucus would like. There's nothing new here,” he told host Martha Raddatz, referring to the Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Sanders has nothing to worry about if he's not foolhardy about the claimed popularity of his communist ideas. Do the majority of “American people” actually want an increase in inflationary spending for green subsidies that are a boondoggle, paired with tax hikes for corporations which will be passed onto consumers? This is a bogus claim and ignores the fact that inflation is the number one concern for Americans.

The whole notion that Manchin or Sinema could be “intentionally sabotaging” the president's agenda is a lie because their spending choices and taxes are logical. If Democrat policies weren't viewed as objectively harmful they'd get more votes. If it's the case with Manchin the most straightforward option to do is to switch to Republican to ensure his reelection. His continued status as in the category of a Democrat is enough proof that Manchin is at least trying to be honest. Otherwise, why should we even stay in the face of clowns like Sanders?

The Vermont Senator continued with his assault in a rant against Manchin of being paid through “fossil fuel money,” and then he took direct shots at West Virginia itself.

“And the issue was that we continued to speak to Manchin as if he was serious. He wasn't. This is a man who is a significant recipient of fossil fuels. A man who has received campaign donations from more than 25 Republican billionaires.” Sanders said.

…”Look is exactly the same kind of nonsense Manchin has been talking about for the past time,” Sanders said, declaring West Virginia “one of the most impoverished states in the country.”

I'm not entirely sure what Sanders hopes to achieve in this regard, and considering his lack of experience in legislative governance, despite serving within the Senate for decades, maybe it's “nothing.” Democratic socialists do not have the ability to see the subtleties in discussions about policy. They instead convince themselves that their views are most popular across the whole, no matter the evidence against them.

What we're witnessing from Sanders and other Democrats is delusionality mixed with desperateness. They don't want to admit that, but they are aware Democrats are on the verge of being eliminated in the red-wave that will sweep through November, and their hopes of a new progressive society being lost by the process. This reconciliation bill will be their final shot and not just for 2024, but also well into 2030, given the shifting of the political landscape as well as the Senate maps for the next cycle.

The bottom line is that Manchin has all the cards. Manchin doesn't need to be concerned about what a geriatric socialist in Vermont believes. He is free to continue to follow his own way and, if his political party continues to harass him, he's able to let them go. On the other hand, the answer for people such as Sanders is always that they were not radical enough and that's not good news for Democrats in the future. You can call it”the “slamming one's head into a brick wall” strategy.

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