Former Trump COVID Advisor Birx Admits She Pushed Personal Agenda

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator for President Trump, published her first book on her one-person attack on our governance and the economy in the name of protecting us from the Wuhan virus. While it's been in circulation for some time, it is just getting the attention it merits. The book is titled Silent Invasion and, to say the words of Michael Senger, “reads like a how-to guide in subverting a democratic superpower from within, as could only be told through the personal account of someone who was on the front lines doing just that.”

There are many excellent reviews about the book out online that I'm not going to attempt to replicate, instead I'll highlight a few things:

Birx is believed to have known from the beginning that COVID was developed in the Chinese laboratory.

The former adviser to President Donald Trump believes that Covid-19 may have leaked out of the Wuhan lab where researchers were working on vaccines to combat similar viruses.

Expert in infectious diseases and former president Covid advisor Dr Deborah Birx stated to The Mail on Sunday that coronavirus “came from the box, ready to spread when it was discovered within Wuhan, in December of 2020.

The expert said that the majority of viruses can take months or even years to become extremely human-friendly. However Dr. Birx stated that Covid was already more infectious than flu at the time it first came into the world.

She explained that Covid is either an abnormal thing that happens in nature or Chinese scientists were working on coronavirus-related vaccines', and were infected.

It happens, labs aren't always perfect, and people aren't perfect, and we all make mistakes and there may be contamination.

She has accused China of initially attempting to hide how contagious Covid was.

Birx claimed that Covid's infection was in accordance with a virus that was tested in a laboratory.

In laboratories, you develop the virus inside human cells and allow it to grow. Every time it crosses human cells, it becomes more adaptable.

Birx says it was heavily influenced by a film that we know to be a Chinese intelligence operation.

As I stared at my computer screen I was awestruck by the images of Wuhan and the suffering they depicted as well as because they confirmed my suspicions for the past three weeks. The Chinese government did not report the true number of people affected as well as the deaths in Wuhan and other cities and elsewhere, but the situation was certainly worse than the majority of people who were not in the city knew. For the past three weeks I'd only read and heard of the disease. It was now revealed by a brave doctor who shared this video on the internet.

As she fell for the horror movies and the gruesome horror films, she also fell for the flimsy report of a hospital with 1,000 beds built in just only ten days.

15 Days to Reduce the Spread was the blunder we all believed it to be.

We had just persuaded the Trump administration to implement our own version of the two-week shutdown, then I began to figure out ways to extend the shutdown. 15 Days to Reduce the Spread was a good start, but I was sure it wouldn't be the beginning. I didn't have enough figures in front of me in order to present a case for the extension; however, I did have two weeks to finish the numbers. Whatever the difficulty to get the shutdown of 15 days approved, obtaining another is more difficult by several hundreds of orders.

As we talk about frauds, are we able to recall the bizarre and absurd background that led to the”six-foot” separation rule? 

The 10-person limit for gatherings was the bogus one we all believed it to be.

I was settling on ten, knowing it was too much, but I decided that ten would be appealing to most Americans. The price would be enough to accommodate large gatherings of the immediate family but not enough for massive dinner parties and, more critically, big birthday parties, weddings, and other social gatherings that are massive. …. Also If I had pushed on for zero (which was exactly my preference and what was needed) it would have been perceived as being a “lockdown”–the impression we'd all been striving to keep from.

There hasn't been any evidence that shows that huge social gatherings have any impact to spread COVID. The media has tried to denigrate events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Begins the same tired people make the same tiresome claims that it's a “Superspreader event) in addition to The Super Bowl (Super Bowl Was not a Superspreader Event, which is creating a Sad In The Pandemic Porn Industry) as “superspreader” events.

Birx wanted a lockdown like Italy but was reluctant to talk about it

At the time, I wasn't planning to speak of “lockdown” as well as shutdown.If I had spoken one of them in the early March, following my visit to the White House, the non-medical, political personnel of the task team would dismiss me as being overly alarmist and doom and gloom and too dependent on emotions rather than facts. They would have pushed to imprison me and put me in jail.

On Tuesday and Monday, as we were working through data issues with the CDC problems with data, I also worked to create the flatten-the-curve guidelines I planned to present to the vice president by the end of the week. Making sure that the easy mitigation measures that every American could implement was only the beginning of longer-lasting and more aggressive actions. We needed to make these more acceptable to the administration, through avoiding the obvious look of a complete Italian lockdown. However we had to ensure that the steps to succeed in slowing down the spread. This meant that we had to be as close as we could with the actions Italy did — a daunting task. We were playing Chess where the outcome of each move was dependent on the move before it.

We glimpsed hints of Birx’s shadiness in Anthony Fauci's shifting statements regarding mask wear). Birx did not have any data or data that didn't originate from China that indicated that lockdowns and shutdowns performed. She was aware that America will never accept the same nonsense from the gates, and so started up with smaller steps to prepare for the lockdown.

We'll get back to the subject of duplicity in a minute.

Birx was a snob. Birx hated Dr. Scott Atlas…probably more than she does now, since it's been proven that he was right.

On August 10th, 2020 Dr. Scott Atlas joined the COVID task group. He was aware of Birx's play and was adamant about it, eventually being ejected from Birx's White House. Michael Senger's analysis is excellent.

Birx's apparent plan to completely destroy the world's main democratic superpower is proceeding smoothly until she comes across the main antagonist of the novel, Dr. Scott Atlas. To the annoyance of Birx, Atlas takes a strong defense of all the things she is most resentful of, such as constitutional rights for humans, the rule of law and, perhaps most importantly, freedom.

Birx exposes Atlas's “dangerous assertions”:

Schools could be opened everywhere without any security measures (neither screening nor masking) regardless of the spread within the community.

Children were not the ones to transmit the virus.

Children didn't become sick. There was no danger for any child.

Covid-19 that was long-lived was being played up too much.

The heart-damage tests were merely incidental.

Comorbidities didn't play an essential role in communities, particularly among teachers.

The mere act of utilizing a physical distance helped to eliminate the virus's harmful effects.

Masks were rated as too expensive and were not necessary.

The Coronavirus Task Force brought the nation into this situation through the push for tests.

The testing was falsely able to increase cases within the United States in comparison with other nations.

The isolated testing and targeted testing was an effective lockdown, simple and straightforward, and they weren't required.

The fact that every word in Atlas's claims was a hundred percent true, only made them even more perilous. According to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, “One word of truth shall outweigh the whole world,” and nothing can cause the world to fall into communism more quickly than letting these obvious facts be widely spread.

A little more From Senger regarding the Atlas hate.

In the same way that Scott Atlas recalls in his own book A Pestilence Upon Our House:

Birx spoke about the importance of testing people who are not symptomatic. She stated it was the sole way to determine who was suffering was to examine the person. She was famously quoted as saying, “That's why it's so dangerous–people don't even know they're sick!” I found myself in the room, thinking I was the only person who had been told this.

Birx is able to spend about 150 pages of her novel telling of her angst when Atlas stopped her plans to put America in a permanent state of security. As Atlas recalls:

She was furious before everyone else when we were standing close to the entrance to the Oval Office. She was furious and yelled towards me “NEVER do that again and in the Oval Office! And in the OVAL! !” I felt pretty awful, as she was so mad. I had absolutely no desire for conflict. Did she really expect for me to lie to the president in order to protect her? I replied, “Sorry, but he asked me a question, so I answered it.”

Birx, not Fauci, was the one who made the calls.

Indeed, Birx's memoir confirms the evidence in Atlas's book about his significant role in bringing lockdowns throughout the United States to an end. In the end, it was about fighting back against Birx who in fact, contrary to what is widely believed, was more involved than Fauci to push for and prolong lockdowns in all of the United States. As Atlas explains:

Dr. Fauci was before the public frequently and was so often questioned that people mistakenly believed that he was the one in control. But it was his colleague Dr. Birx who articulated Task Force policy. The entire advice provided by the Task Force to the states was derived via Dr. Birx. The written guidelines for the state's policies on the ground came from Dr. Birx. Dr. Birx conducted almost all the trips to states for the Task Force.

It could be true or not.If you look up the bio of Birx it's obvious it was her Fauci mate. She rode her horse to Fauci's star. He taught her. The chances of her being able to act independently and the chance of Fauci letting a tiny molecule of power fall out of his grasp, are very low. I think that the United States is not wise to simply absolve Fauci of any involvement in the COVID scandal until a jury has rendered an opinion.

Birx purposely deceived and made up lies to President Trump and his advisors.

Shocking, right? The idea that a powerful and entitled liberal suffering from a fatal condition of god syndrome can lie to people to get her way. I'm referring to I'm going to smack my tummy and then call me Sally. What will happen after that?

This quote is from Jeffrey Tucker's article on his review of Birx book.

Birx admits to being one of the main causes because of her sly reporting of her weekly report to the US.

After the documents that had been heavily edited received by me after editing, I'd reintroduce the things they'd protested against, but then place it in the various locations. I would also change the order and structure of bullet points so that those that were most relevant–the ones which the administration was most opposed to–no longer sat at the beginning in the list of bullets. I discussed these ideas with three of our team responsible for data who were also writing the reports. Our writing routines soon changed to writing, submitting and revise, then hide and revise, submit.

Fortunately, this clever trick was successful. The fact that they failed to notice this trickery led me to think that they had read the completed reports too quickly or didn't do the search that would have exposed the words to which they were opposed. By slipping these changes through the gatekeepers and continuing to remind governors about the necessity of the three big-three mitigations –masks, sentinel tests, and restrictions on social gatherings in indoor spaces–I was certain that I had given the states the authority to increase public health measures with autumn and winter approaching.

In another instance, when Scott Atlas came to the rescue in August, and introduced some common sense into the shady world of health. He worked with other people to reduce the CDC's obsession with universal and continuous testing. Atlas was aware  “track, trace, and isolate” was an untruth and a huge infringement of the rights of people that would result in an unsatisfactory public health outcome. Atlas formulated a new policy that was designed for people who were sick and wanted to take a test, just as you would in everyday life.

Following a week-long media frenzy, the rules flipped in the opposite direction.

Birx admits that she was the one to do it:

It wasn't the only instance of subterfuge that I had to play with. After the Atlas-influenced revision of CDC testing guidance was released in the latter part of August, I reached out to Bob Redfield …. Within a week, Bob [Redfield] and I had completed our revision of the guidance, and then secretly uploaded it. We had reintroduced the focus on testing areas to identify that were experiencing silent spread. This was a risky step and we hoped that all within the White House would be too busy with campaigning to be aware of the damage Bob and I did. We were not being honest to the people who are at the White House.

Who was the one to take care of Birx who refused to follow President Trump's directives?

The guidance game was just the beginning of my mistakes in my efforts to defy Scott Atlas's dangerous views. Since Vice President Pence instructed me that it was my responsibility to perform what I had to, I've been engaging in very direct discussions with governors. I said things that certain White House senior advisors weren't willing to admit. Denying my report and publishing guidance that thwarted the most well-known solutions was likely to prolong Covid-19's vicious circle. What I was unable to get over the guards with my report, I did in person.

The stupidity of a pig that is based on unwarranted hubris, I can comprehend, and perhaps even feel. But, here Birx plunges into the realm of what I consider to be criminality. Birx fraudulently and illegally altered the direction and guidelines that were issued by officials who were superior to her, including those issued by President Trump. If she was not in accordance with the instructions she was given to perform, she was under the obligation to question these instructions clearly and in full transparency and then follow through with the things she was instructed to do. If she wasn't happy with those instructions, she was required to quit. Any person who has died in a hospital or every company that was forced into bankruptcy and every child who was denied an entire year of education because of Birx's conduct should be considered an indictment for felony.

A couple of years back, I recorded the following interview Susie Moore: PODCAST: Moore to the Point with Susie Moore – Ep. 5 – Conversation with Streiff about Elite Incompetence. My argument was that we're being run by ignorant people. People who claim to know solutions to the problems that we face, whether it be Ukraine, COVID, as well as climate changes, are idiots. They're an extreme variation on the Dunning-Kruger Effect. The Dunning-Kruger Effect can be described to be “a cognitive bias whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence in that domain relative to objective criteria or to the performance of their peers or of people in general.” Our elites claim to have the knowledge and expertise, yet they don't and nobody aside from people like me, call them out when they're found to be incompetent and a bunch of scumbags. This is also a blog post that says: No government can make many mistakes and errors regarding COVID like ours did. The issue is that it needs to be addressed with intent.

Birx provides an unmistakable reminder that these were the case. Birx was an educated and intelligent idiot who had a dazzling professional standing mainly because she'd never had to be anything more than a mere mouthful of theories. Never before in her career had she been in charge of an organization that needed to achieve outcomes on the ground. The sloppy actions taken by our elites were deliberate. Personally, I do not believe the actions of those elites were always based on science. I believe there was a distinct theme of totalitarianism that was evident in these actions. There was a sense that the “public health crisis” was an excuse to replace legislatures with non-elected bureaucrats. They also tried to destroy constitutional rights like the First Amendment.

A final thought. If anyone still believes there's nothing like the “Deep State,” should be ridiculed. In this Trump presidency, the public have seen examples after examples of bureaucrats creating their own rules and disregarding the laws and regulations they don't like. We've also witnessed members of the Deep State close ranks to defend members who were uncovered. Lawyers attempt to get an FISA warrant, and is granted probation and gets his law license reinstated. An FBI official is attempting to thwart an espionage plot and is allowed to retire. Former intelligence officials were involved in the plot to take down a president without any consequences. The possibility that Birx is able to write a book detailing her own deceit and then have it praised by the mainstream media demonstrates just how far the Deep State goes.

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