Midterms Spur Biden to Consider Oil Project

Midterm elections in the United States have led the Democratic Party to drift into outright anxiety. Their base of voters has been angry at how awful things have been in America and how their leaders are attempting to implement socialism at a large scale. President Joe Biden leads the way by implementing policies which continue to upset the American people. Recently, Biden has tried to get his projects moving in the hopes that people forget about his bad past.

The president determined that it was best for him to take action to resolve the delayed oil contracts which he's been sitting on for more than half of the year. The coming elections will have him reconsidering the position he takes on a variety of issues. However, the oil contracts are among the main things people would like him to take action on.

The issue he's facing is that his supporters from his party dislike this idea, and they are displeased about the possibility of approval of the project. People who believe in climate change believe that drilling plans in Alaska will harm the president's emission standards and effectively bring about the end of the world once they release new emissions into the atmosphere.

Environmentalists were content that the president was not dragging his feet, not approving or advancing drilling projects. CNN Politics reported, “The US Department of Interior released an environmental impact statement draft regarding the ConocoPhillips Oil Drilling Project, dubbed Willow, on Friday night. It isn't an official decision, and it includes various scenarios that could be considered for this project such as no drilling. It was, however, a crucial step that the Biden administration had to finish to ensure that the process could advance and set alarm bells within eco groups.”

The plan is alarming to climate scientists since it will open a drilling venture in the coming 30 years. They are convinced that it will add several hundred million tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. They believe this will cause warming of the planet and lead to melting of the polar caps.

The most appealing aspect of this project is that it will let new drilling locations. The oil will be transported via pipelines to refineries, which would then turn it into gas that people can purchase. Democrats oppose the idea since it is against their beliefs. However, the public is enthralled by the idea as it will reduce gas prices.

Biden decided to stifle domestic energy production. His aim was to bring America to a situation where the country will have to rely on foreign energy suppliers to power its American infrastructure. He would like to subordinate the country to foreign power which would force America to bow before foreign powers, forcing the United States to bow to its adversaries or risk losing energy sources.

Former President Donald Trump had initially put the nation on a path to energy independence. However, Biden was elected and reversed everything Trump had accomplished. He was not able to witness America making its own electricity.

Lisa Murkowski is a senator representing the State of Alaska. She said she would continue to work with the current administration, so that they can follow through with the plan. Biden is known for initiating projects, but then not letting them go on for long. Murkowski said, “From day one, I've elevated the Willow project to the Administration as my top priority.”

The critics are wailing over the plan, claiming the end of the world is near in sight. They believe that because one company is planning to drill holes into the ground, that the end of this world could occur.

Christy Goldfuss is one of those who believe that the project is the final straw for the planet. She claims that the 30-year project won't make any changes to the current level of gas prices. The bluster she's making over the proposed project is similar to complaining every time a business is exploring for oil.

The world has never been destroyed because of a pipe stuck in the ground. It is impossible to find a scientific foundation to support the claims being made regarding the oil development. It's speculation at best.

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