Uvalde Family Not Content With New Report

As we previously reported, Texas legislators issued a devastating report from an investigator on the massacre that occurred in Uvalde and details many of the blunders that occurred at Robb Elementary School. It also notes the issues with immigration also affected the responses.

A special committee that is part of the Texas legislative body met Sunday along with relatives of the victims. They presented the findings and to answer questions family members or the general public might still have. The most important issue is the 77-minute time it took to kill the shooter and the way that this delay and other errors caused the loss of lives. Even though they knew there were students in the classroom due to emergency 911 messages, the students did not break into the walls of the classroom. The families were not happy with the findings.

Alongside the publication of the report Uvalde mayor Don McLaughlin said in a statement that the city would release the body camera footage of all police officers that was taken the day of the incident. There was an amazing number of law enforcement officers at the scene, and yet it took this time to complete the task.

In actuality, video footage of the shooting that was obtained and released last week ABC affiliate KVUE and the Austin-American Timesman showed a number of officers gathering outside classrooms that were adjacent to the one where the gunman had shot indiscriminately at the students as well as teachers. The report also noted that 376 local police officers, as well as federal and state police officers were on the scene to respond.

The city also initiated a formal investigation against Lieutenant Mariano Pargas, who was acting chief of police at the time of the massacre. The city put the officer on administrative leave.

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