Will Trump Run in 2024?

Should Donald Trump plan on running for a second time in 2024, when will the announcement be made? Trump has been trying to attract the attention of some of his most prominent supporters by hosting lavish dinners in intimate venues for curious journalists, who could have a pretext to announce his future plans. In the meantime, they can speculate. 

The dinners have led Trump on a trip to Houston, Nashville, and Las Vegas. Trump's close associate, billionaire owner of casinos Phil Ruffin, among others, has been pushing Trump to announce his presidential campaign without further delay, whereas some have suggested he delay the announcement until after the midterm elections. However, everyone agrees that Trump should announce his candidacy.

Other Republican candidates have declared their presidential ambitions and are cruising across the country securing financial backing and support. Trump prefers a slow and steady pace while he slowly assembles his formidable political team. 

A few of the dinners have diverged from the campaign trail and into other matters. In Nashville the country music superstar John Rich tangled with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham over coronavirus vaccines. At Las Vegas, and not unusually, the discussion turned to the forthcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The conversations did find they were able to return to the original purpose of the meeting. In the Nashville dinner party, which was held at the JW Marriot, Graham told Trump that if he does decide to take this action it is now the right moment to make it public. Graham added that Trump has his complete support.

The dinners are restricted to a maximum of 16 guests and have included wealthy donors, Republican candidates for other posts, and elected officials. The Las Vegas dinner occurred in the Trump International Hotel and was attended by real estate billionaires Robert Zarnegin and Roger Norman as well as the candidate for Nevadas governorship, Joe Lombardo.

Ruffin, Zarnegin, and Norman individually have each contributed in the high six-to-seven-figure range to the Trump 2020 reelection campaign. However, no money has been sought this time around.

The organizers of the event claimed that Trump's goal is to gather with his highly sought-after group of loyalists in a casual setting to hear their views solely. Trump is seeking opinions, even if they're negative.

It's been the unanimity of all guests that the uncertain outcomes of the 2020 election should be thrown out. The horse is dead and should not be beaten to death. It was suggested to focus on the things he's planned should he be elected again.

If Trump's name appears in the 2024 race, he'll be fighting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who's already having massive amounts of cash thrown at him. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is also active in fundraising and letting his donors know that a Trump run won't stop him.

If Trump intends to run in 2024, he's going to do it in his own way. At the moment, he's taking in information. However, the decision will ultimately be his. But one thing is for certain, Trump might be keeping an unassuming posture at present however, if he chooses to descend once more to the bottom of that gold escalator Trump will announce his candidacy in a “yuge” way.

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