Biden Administration Deliberately Sabotaging U.S. Energy Production

When he ran for president, Joe Biden made it very clear that among his primary objectives was to eliminate the existence of the fossil fuel energy industry in America. Unfortunately, President Biden has kept his campaign commitment, which is why the price of energy is rising and rolling brownouts could become the norm across the nation in the near future.

In the report for June, Consumer Price Index reports, “The index of energy rose 41.6 percent over the last twelve months. The gasoline index grew 59.9 percent during the period; it was the biggest increase in the 12 months in the measure since march 1980. The electricity index climbed 13.7 percent, which is the highest twelve-month gain since the period which ended April 2006. The natural gas index was up 38.4 percent in the last 12 months, which was the biggest rise since the period that ended in October 2005.”

While the Biden administration would want you to believe the massive rise in energy prices is the result of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, this is absolutely not the case.

Since the beginning of Biden's presidency, Biden and his officials from the administration have been fighting U.S. fossil fuel energy production, which is the reason why the cost of diesel fuel, gasoline electricity propane, natural gas, and heating oil for homes continues to climb at historic levels.

After taking the oath to become president, Biden launched his assault on the energy sector in America after he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have brought more than 900,000 barrels of crude oil in Canada into U.S. refineries on an everyday basis.

On the very same day, Biden issued several executive directives aimed at reducing U.S. domestic energy exploration and production, including one that halted leases for oil and natural gas on federal land and waters.

In the following days, Biden decided to undo the president's decision to take the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, despite the fact that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions declined more than those of the Paris Climate Accords dictated during Trump's presidency.

Then, in May, Biden issued a new set of executive orders aimed at stifling U.S. energy innovation and investment. These savage measures prompted a variety of executive departments to impose a stifle in this U.S. energy sector, like The Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the last quarter of 2021 Biden did it all over again by delaying permits for oil and gas for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as well as in New Mexico.

To make matters worse, Biden then enabled the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to “sharply reduce methane and other harmful air pollution from both new and existing sources in the oil and natural gas industry.”

To top all of this, the Biden administration also thrown out several Trump-era policies and rules which were designed to change the burdensome EPA petroleum and natural gas regulations slow-walked permitting for new drilling projects, pursued burdensome standards for Ozone and particulate matter and a soaring amount of red tape in the energy sector, increased prices for the “social cost” of greenhouse gasses, and attempted to revive an Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan, massively upping the amount of subsidies given to renewable energy sources as well as electric automobiles, and appointed John Kerry as the nation's Climate Envoy.

It is important to note that this isn't an exhaustive set of actions implemented in the Biden administration to reduce U.S. fossil fuel production. It's merely a tiny portion of the extent to which it is that the Biden administration is going in their effort to halt the once-thriving U.S. oil and gas industry.

But, wait. Didn't Biden recently go to Saudi Arabia, where he asked the kingdom to increase OPEC oil production? Also, didn't Biden also plead with Iran, Venezuela, and other impudent regimes to boost oil production?

Yes, Biden did. That raises the question: why do you think that Biden is asking our enemies to expand their gas and oil production while he actively sabotages the production of gas and oil across America? 

The most interesting thing is the reason for Biden insisting on these countries to boost production and use of fossil fuels yet he's aware that their processes of production aren't nearly as eco green as those of the United States?

But the most important concern is why do you think that Biden deliberately obstructing U.S. energy production even when it is true that the United States is sitting atop the world's biggest reserve of recoverable gas and oil resources, at a moment where Americans struggle to get enough food to eat and fill up on their gas tanks?

Naturally, I am unable to answer the question. But, I think the most important explanation is that the Biden administration has fully embraced the radical green agenda regardless of the negative consequences for the American people.

The positive side is We the People still retain the final say in deciding whether to adopt common sense energy policy that helps keep costs down and the environment in good shape and the economy growing or embark on an ideological campaign that will leave us less prosperous and increasingly dependent on our foreign foes and more vulnerable to energy shortages. Based on the latest polls I'm betting on the latter.

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