Congress to Approve Sale of Parts to Taiwan and China

Thursday, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced that it has approved the purchase of $108 million of spare parts and repair components as well as US tech assistance from contractors as well as government agencies to the Republic of China (ROC), often referred to as Taiwan, in order to upgrade and sustain the weapon and vehicles as well as armored vehicles of the country. The next step is to wait for Congress in its approval of this purchase.

If Hunter Biden reminds the “Big Guy” that he could lose his 10 percent, or those in Congress who are known to be in a state of humoring Chinese spying groups protest, Congress will approve the sale.

It is believed that the U.S. arms sales to China's Taiwan region are a serious violation of the principle of one-China along with the Three China-U.S. communiques jointly issued, including the August 17 Communique which reeks of interference in China's internal affairs. They also affect China's sovereignty as well as defense interests and significantly affect relationships between both nations and their militaries. The Chinese opposition is strong to the idea.

The Taiwan issue concerns China's sovereign rights and integrity. Recently, China has been a target of the U.S.and has repeatedly promised the “five assurances” i.e., “the US does not seek a new Cold War with China; it does not aim to change China's system; the revitalization of its alliances is not targeted at China; the United States does not support ‘Taiwan independence'; and it has no intention to seek a conflict with China” The US has clearly stated that it doesn't support “Taiwan independence”. But, when it comes to the subject of arms sales to Taiwan, the US is not trustworthy in the slightest and its statements and actions are contradictory.

China demands for the U.S. side to immediately stop the arms sales plan to Taiwan and to stop all the sale of arms to and military relations with Taiwan. If not, the burden of destroying China-U.S. relations bilaterally and mil-to mil relations as well as peace and stability in Taiwan Strait will be borne by China, not the U.S. side.

The most important thing to remember is that Taiwan's long-term future and the security, safety, and wellbeing of Taiwan fellow citizens cannot be purchased. The government of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials and the separatist “Taiwan independence” forces tried unsuccessfully to depend on Taiwan to strengthen themselves and tried to “seek independence by force” similar to drinking poison to quench thirst. This is a prank. The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) will implement all necessary measures to ensure China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will vigorously resist any attempt to interfere by foreign forces and separatist plots for “Taiwan independence.”

Communist China regularly opposes US military assistance towards China. This opposition doesn't appear to be particularly robust. The aid offered isn't controversial, and certainly not on the same level as the President George W. Bush's commitment to market eight diesel-electric boats (an arrangement that was a success for the ChiComs effectively manipulated into being unreal). But the present is different.

One year ago, I believe the ChiComs were looking at the possibility of conquering. I'm referring to unification with a rebellious province as a given. It was evident that Joe Biden was an idiot when he was in good spirits and, for the majority of his days, the president has been clinically insane. The US economy was devastated by a virus that leaked from a Chinese laboratory, partly funded through grants from our NIH. The US military has unleashed the wolves of wokeism, effectively destroying the warrior spirit that is required for survival. Particularly this is the case with the US Navy, which will be the main beneficiary of any battle with China is on the path to becoming the stuff of legends. The vessels appear to be Soviet trawlers that were used earlier in the Cold War era. Two destroyers have been lost to collisions which would have been avoided by skilled ship handling abilities. The USS Bonhomme Richard was lost to a fire which the Navy could have put out.

Not only is American power at a low point under Biden, but China is also considering Ukraine and recognizing that the war they were hoping to be fighting isn't the one they'll need to fight.

While the Russian invasion of Ukraine has provided China an opportunity to improve their situation, they've also witnessed how easy Russia is able to force Western Europe into continuing to finance the Russian military, despite EU sanctions. It is important to be aware of the multitude of political pundits from the left and right that have been purchased or hired to spread Putin's talk points every day.

I believe that China has been thinking for a long time that the Republic of China is weak, corrupt, and poised to crumble just as Putin and his circle imagined that Ukraine could be absorbed into Russia at will. After China's brutal assault on Hong Kong's autonomy and the repression of Hong Kong's self-government, everybody is aware that any pledge for China, or the Republic of China, like the “one country, two systems” promises given in the case of Hong Kong, is an untrue statement. Two-thirds of the ROC's population believed that ChiCom's administration ChiCom administration was “bad” in a poll that was conducted just prior to Vladimir Putin began his 72-hour “special military operation.” I'm guessing that the number is much higher today, eliminating a voluntary reunification from the table.

I also think that the Chinese have watched the Putin War with increasing apprehension. Combining UAVs as well as smart weapons have altered the nature of warfare. The manned aircrafts that China regularly flies through ROC airspace are far more of a threat than targets in a war zone that is dominated by Patriots. (ROC contains at the very least, 36 launchers). Cruise missiles aren't any more effective than aircraft. China does not have an adequate number of amphibious vessels to create the establishment of a beachhead in Taiwan and to sustain the military operations of the beach. The increasing number of man-portable air defense systems, such as that of British Starstreak and American Stinger (should Raytheon ever get around to restarting manufacturing) and anti-armor systems such as Javelin and NLAW allow lightly armed militias to be capable of competing with regular armies. A loss of large vessels like Moskva Moskva, due to mediocre Ukrainian replicas of poor Russian anti-ship missiles, isn't going to suggest a good future for the life span of any other surface-based craft.

Being intelligent, China also knows that most of its military equipment is based on Soviet designs, and has seen what this means.

In the past six months, “reunification” of the ROC with China has changed from being guaranteed to be extremely difficult. In a couple of years, the reunification without nuking Taiwan will not be possible.

To be clear, China has a political/military timeframe of around 24 months to ensure reunification, or abandon the plan and keep it as an unofficial slogan. Its shipbuilding program and the suborning of the island nations of the Pacific show a sense of urgency. The new authorities in the Philippines are believed to be not on the Biden White House's radar and have created an allegedly China-friendly administration. The militarization of artificial islands built within the South China Sea continues apace.

We shouldn't be able to rule out China having the potential to seize the hour to attempt to take over Taiwan's island with force. It isn't a given that simply because they aren't allowed to do it, they won't.

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