Fox News Hosts Hypothesizes that Biden Handlers are Drugging him

If we learned conclusively that Joe Biden's leftist handlers were indeed supplying the addled, cognitively-challenged President of the United States with drugs that allow him to somewhat function — marginally, at best — on a daily basis, who among us would be the least bit surprised? (Tally the number of hands that were raised.)

Or what happens if we also found out that Barack Obama is running Joe's White House?

Although the idea of Obama as the puppet master of Biden's former vice president was widely accepted by Republicans from the very beginning of Biden's term, if not earlier, I've always believed it to be a shadowy figure like Susan Rice –Biden's steady decline is not just becoming increasingly apparent with his public appearances; Democrat leaders are becoming increasingly scared.

My colleague Nick Arama reported on Saturday that Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently stated that Biden is unable to cognitively serve, and Democrats have known this for many years. In addition, as Nick also reported on Wednesday, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) -who also served as president of the White House physician to Obama, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush -was sent a scathing note from Obama following the Texas congressman started to raise questions about Biden's state of mind in the presidential race for 2020.

However, Maria Bartiromo, host of Fox News' “Sunday Morning Futures,” took it up a gear or two in a segment with Jackson who suggested not just that Biden's handlers “feeding him drugs to allow him to function” -and also it is possible that Barack Obama is indeed running the White House.

In other words congressmen, there were indications that Joe Biden was slipping away in the 2020 election. Let's admit it. He was in the basement for the entire duration of the campaign.

Who knew when? Do they conceal this or are they giving him drugs to enable him to perform? I'm sure he travels home to Delaware often and is more frequent than other Presidents.

So, my question is what did Obama know? Was there anything Jill Biden knew? Who's in charge of the White House right now and are they hiding behind these mental problems?

That was watergate-like, fast, wasn't it? It's just an observation. I'm not saying that Bartiromo's inquiries and assertions weren't legitimate. But speculation isn't the same as fact.

It is important to note the fact that Tucker Carlson and Maria Bartiromo were not the first to challenge Biden's mental decline and his ability to withstand the demands of the presidency.

As RedState revealed in the beginning of July, The New York Times -the epicenter of liberal-minded groupthink is now challenging Biden's mental capacity. In a piece titled “At 79 Biden Tests the Limits of Age and the Presidency,” the Times noted that although Biden persists in claiming his intention to run for another period, “his age has become an uncomfortable issue for him and his party.”

The bottom line is:

If a more difficult “between a rock and a hard place” scenario is possible anywhere in the national political landscape that is even remotely similar to the situation faced by members of the Democrat Party, as we are, I'm not aware of it.

From left-wing groups that are launching “Dump Biden” campaigns to the increasing number of Democrat lawmakers publicly distancing themselves from the president's plight There are reports that continue to emerge of a plan in the back of the house to remove the worst president of all time before the 2024 election season.

What next? Word-salad queen Kamala Harris? What exactly are Democrats going to do about her? Not only until the final day of Biden's presidency in the event of his ouster and then in 2024, when Democratic primary season approaches?

What do the Republicans do? Will the Democrats eliminate Biden out of office in the event that Biden is removed from office and the 25th Amendment becomes the only Democrat alternative? Should Republicans support removing Biden from office since Biden is the most effective in-kind advertisement to hit the political ladder in the past few decades?

Politics. Do you not love it but hate it at the same time?

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