Good Samaritan Who Saved Indiana Mall-goers is Not Honored as a Hero

What is it that makes an individual an individual hero? What makes someone a good Samaritan? Evidently, these issues are a source of controversy.

The Sunday incident also is causing some to believe that the bravery of a bystander should not be honored.

On the Greenwood Park Mall in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area, a man fired his gun. According to Deseret News, 20-year-old Johnathan Sapirman fired off 24 rounds of ammunition.

Tragically, three people were killed: Victor Gomez, 30 and Rosa Rivera de Pineda, 37 as well as Pedro Pineda, 56. Two other victims were injured. A 20-year-old woman was wounded in the leg and a child aged 12 injured by a deflected bullet.

When he entered the mall, Sapirman took a straight route to the bathroom, and stayed there for more than an hour, before leaving the bathroom and lighting the fire.

“The most puzzling piece…was the amount of time that he was in the bathroom,” Chief James Ison] said. “We believe he was getting ready.”

The man's plan was blocked because more than criminal people have guns. Elisjsha Dicken, who was 22, ended the shooting spree of a mass shooter.

Footage…showed that Dicken fired 10 rounds with his gun while motioning to the mall's residents to leave behind the mall.

Chief James was astonished by Elisjsha's action:

“Many others would've been killed the night before had a responsible, well-armed citizen had not been in the room. …”

On Sunday night the chief made a comparison of Elisjsha to a Biblical character. He did so again Monday:

“The shooting suspect was confronted by the Good Samaritan. … the good Samaritan had a firearm and engaged with the shooter while he was standing in the bathroom area, firing at the area of the food court. Elisjsha fired multiple rounds, causing damage to the suspect. The suspect tried to get to the bathroom, but he fell to the floor upon being hit.”

Does this seem like a hero to you? This isn't the case for a Bloomington news anchor. Journalist and Murrow Award winner Justin Kollar was flabbergasted by the chief's frame. Kollar expressed his shock via tweet:

“The term ‘Good Samaritan' came from a Bible passage of a man from Samaria who stopped on the side of the road to help a man… I cannot believe we live in a world where the term can equally apply to someone *killing* someone… my God.”

He was also not pleased with Elisjsha the heat packer.

“It's not in the @simonmalls code of conduct to carry a firearm inside the mall. But, Greenwood Police are thankful the…man was.”

A few online users were in agreement. One user stated, “What you have is two gunmen — one of whom obeyed the law for a little longer than the mass shooter.”

More comments:

  • “[A]sk yourself if you really want your mall experience to be like the wild…west.”
  • “Why did he take a firearm to the designated gun-free zone? Well, that's not very ideal according to the law. What if he were there to kill people?”
  • I am horrified to see that term used in this context.”

The American divide is centered around guns. Many advocates believe that when a gun is used to commit a crime then it's the gun's fault. However, if a firearm can be used in order to deter a crime, the weapon earns zero points. 

In the present, a perpetrator could be more popular than the victim.

Concerning the question of the Good Samaritan, the biblical action was praised because it saved lives.

Did Elisjsha perform the same repeatedly? It's up to you to decide:

  • The shooter was equipped with a Sig Sauer 400M .556-caliber rifle.
  • He was carrying a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 .556 in reserve in the bathroom.
  • The Glock 33 .357 pistol was found on his person.
  • His gun was loaded with nearly 100 rounds.
  • He's been practicing regularly at the range for the last two years.
  • He quit his job as a warehouse manager in May.
  • Police were informed by family members that they believed he'd received an eviction notice.

This could be an individual who was sent to take on the world.

Thank you to Elisjsha Dicken — regardless of the name he's given, the mission was quickly and permanently finished.

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