Joe Biden’s Ineptitude Hits Another Milestone

Joe Biden continues to play approval in limbo and just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, they have.

CNN has announced its latest survey that has been traditionally more favorable toward Biden over other surveys. However, it shows that the president has the lowest approval rating at this point during the history of the survey. Biden is polling even lower than Donald Trump was at this point in his presidency when he was at the center of the shambolic Mueller investigation earlier during his presidency.

Being less in comparison to Jimmy Carter in 1978 is remarkable and yet Biden is the ideal candidate to accomplish it. Despite having no need to face basically any unjust pressure from outside (such as those arising from for instance the Mueller probe or Iran hostage crisis) The current president has been able to mess things up by himself. He's taken a growing economy, and then turned it into consecutive months that have seen negative growth (also known as recession). The inflation rate has exploded thanks to his massive spending sprees. He's also bungled every foreign policy decision the president has made since his first trip to Afghanistan to his latest excursion in Saudi Arabia.

Americans aren't taking the blame.

It certainly appears that the strategy to concentrate on abortion and climate change is proving to be a disaster. Who could have imagined the outcome (raises hands)? The voters don't want a president who's trying to fight a revolution of progress with the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. People want presidents that provide a stable economy as well as the capability to make progress. There are very few Americans that have their political beliefs based exclusively on access to abortions until the time of birth. And even fewer are concerned about the extreme climate change announcements. It's not that difficult, even though Biden has tried his best to present it as such.

Moving to the other sections of the survey, the demographic breakdowns do not offer much reason to believe that the president is not in any way.

It seems that African-Americans, who were badly stung by Biden's mishaps and misdeeds, continue to support Biden at 57% (a awfully low number historically for Democrats historically) however, Hispanics are a completely different story. They approve of Biden at 38 percent and a staggering sixty percent disapprove. These are historically low numbers and suggest an ongoing shift in Hispanics to Republicans heading into the midterm elections.

Biden is now even under water with white college students; however, I think women from white colleges are still giving him a favorable approval score because there's no chance for liberal wine-loving mothers.

Biden has a problem. He's not only an incompetent president, but he is a president who is historically bad. It's not likely that he will turn it around. Biden can change his staff which could occur after November, but Biden remains Biden. This means that the possibility of failure is inevitable and the suffering will never stop.

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