Afraid of Heavy Punishment from Voters, Democrats Move to Rig the 2022 Midterms

The Democratic Party is in danger heading into 2022's midterm elections in 2022. They've been given two years to show voters that they're improving their lives through good governance. They're in charge of the House and the Senate as well as in control of the White House. They've been unable to deliver on every front.

They took the hot Trump economy, which made the lives of every American better and then turned the whole thing around. Americans are struggling. We're worse off than when Democrats assumed control of everything just two years ago. They are aware that we'll hit them at the vote box, which is why they're focusing on Plan B in the present.

The Democrats have been dropping a lot of hints in the past week regarding their plans for the coming months. In addition, since every person is Washington, DC is very transparent nowadays, it's not difficult to figure out the tricks they're likely to do. Here are a few clues they've dropped.

President Biden's Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told reporters that there's a “strong chance that we'll see a resurgence of the virus” in 2022. October might be the month for an increase in cases.

You may be wondering what evidence exists to cause an HHS Secretary to believe that COVID will make a resurgence. In fact, there's no evidence to support that. The coronavirus is constantly getting weaker with each new variation (which happens viruses typically do). Many Americans also have a natural resistance to COVID as they've already contracted it and have recovered.

Biden then extended the U.S. “state of emergency” over COVID yet again. Do you remember “15 Days to Slow the Spread?” We're nearing the 860th day of “15 days to slow the Spread” due to the fact that the health emergency is being extended yet again.

Someone who is skeptical may question why this is so? There's no need to prolong the crisis. There hasn't been a massive increase in cases during the summer. The vaccines are currently harming and killing far more individuals that COVID alone. Both parties lie about this fact, however it's the truth. If the VAERS July numbers are finally released by the CDC, the numbers could shock the nation.

Then, Dr. Anthony Fauci suddenly was in the headlines and jumped right into the action. Do you remember him? He has been hidden away for the last few weeks since he contracted COVID, despite being double vaxxed as well as double boosted. What is the reason he has suddenly come out of hiding? To let us know that the pandemic isn't going away.

He said it during an interview with MSNBC: “We can't just put this pandemic behind us.”

With all these clues, it's quite clear what the Democrats have in mind a surprise in October. They are hoping for a repeat of the 2020 election, that was a success due to COVID. Through the suspension of regular election laws without the consent of the legislatures of swing states, they were able to fill boxes with unsafe and unsecure mail-in ballots all over. There were ballot traffickers who filled empty drop boxes that were not supervised with ballots that were illegal as described in the documentary film “2,000 Mules.” And they stole the election in 2020.

We know this to be the case because we witnessed it take place. Mr. 81-million wasn't supposed to be in the White House. Republicans plan to cast their ballots in record numbers for the midterm elections to defeat these canidates. Hispanics have left the Democratic Party in large numbers. The Democrats are polling at around 24 percent approval with Hispanics. (Democrats may want to finish building the wall once they're smashed by the Republicans in November.)

Their only chance to stay in control is to pull off exactly the same machinations in the election that they did in 2020. This is why they're warning us about a huge (and not-existent) “COVID resurgence.”

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