Mayra Flores Takes Her Democrat Opposition to Task Over ‘Apology’ for Racist Attacks

According to RedState, Democrat Rep. Vincente Gonzalez was found to have paid an online blogger to write racist articles that criticized Rep. Mayra Flores, who recently took the TX-6 seat in an election. This district was controlled by Democrats for more than 100 years, resulting in an unsettling shift in the district's voters.

Flores’ success has made the right people angry. Gonzalez's desperate bid to take her down ended up backfiring. Gonzalez issued a quick “apology” in front of the Capitol Building on Wednesday, admitting what he'd done while not admitting his own responsibility.

Then, later in the day, Gonzalez decided to apologize again, however. He released a sarcastic statement while apologizing and ranting about… Donald Trump. It is true. The guy thinks talking about Trump over and over will make him a winner in the election.

What's more important is that Gonzalez is lying. The website that he's referring to has no ads, and Gonzalez's earlier admission proved that he had the final say of what the blog's content was, even the racist rants. The decision to reevaluate and lie about the situation is a big error, and one which Flores is likely to make use of as she seeks to win a newly redrawn district that is favorable to Democrat candidates.

In her own way, Flores responded to Gonzalez's assertion.

For those who don't know Spanish, Flores calls Gonzalez a “little man” after pointing to the fact that he's a coward for not just apologizing truthfully. She's correct. Gonzalez's vile attacks that he is now trying to disown, have revealed the type of person he truly is. You can bet that people are watching in a region such as South Texas.

Flores even going as far as to ask her rival, a currently serving House member, to step down is nice to see, as well. Republicans must expose Democrats who play underhanded games such as this. The comments about Trump only make Gonzalez appear weaker and more pathetic. In the meantime, Flores continues to land punches in response to his efforts.

The best option for Gonzalez at this point would be to rewrite his messages and back off. He's clearly not smart enough to do that, however. I hope Flores shocks everyone by beating Gonzalez in November.

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