Small and Medium-Sized Business Owners are Being Ignored in Biden’s America

Small-scale business owners over the years were the foundation of the economy. They were instrumental in keeping the economy growing. “Shop local” was an idea that was loved by people because it meant they were helping those in their own local communities.

Unfortunately, Biden's America doesn’t believe in offering assistance for small-scale entrepreneurs. If something happens, assistance goes to big box stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon.

In the end, entrepreneurs in small companies are struggling and are wondering how long they'll be able to stay in business.

There's a grim reality the small-business community is confronting. Based on a Small Business Revenue Report produced by Alignable after conducting a poll of small-business proprietors, 47% of them say they're in danger of closing by Fall. This is significantly higher than what people thought possible.

Chuck Casto, the head of content marketing at Alignable, explains “It shows just how difficult the recovery is for many businesses this summer, given the multitude of hurdles they're facing while trying to improve the financial health of their companies.”

Small-sized businesses don't have CEOs who earn millions. They're not offering department heads bonuses of six figures. And they're not able to purchase the same amount that box stores can and could end up decreasing their “per item” cost in numerous cases.

In the end, small-scale business owners aren't able to meet the requirements of running a business in 2022. Prices for products are higher due to transportation costs being more expensive. Workers are demanding higher wages due to what is known as “The Great Resignation.”

It's not easy to increase prices since customers are accustomed to the lower prices offered by larger companies, even though they prefer to shop locally. A lot of customers would do business with larger companies if it means savings, especially in light of the current price hikes.

Small-scale businesses aren't given the same opportunities. The Small Business Administration isn't offering the same kinds of loans or assistance once available.

The Biden administration is content to let small companies die. They're not the main source of revenue for the government. They'd prefer to allow Amazon, Apple, Walmart and the others prosper since they're where the largest corporate tax revenues come from.

It's all about the cash that will be used by Biden and his crew of liberals.

However, they're forgetting an important fact. About half of Americans work for small-sized firms. The truth is that companies that employ less than 100 people are the ones that employ the largest number of American employees.

If small businesses are allowed to go under, more than half of the population will be in unemployment. If you think that we're heading for recession and difficult times, wait until this occurs.

There are some industries that are harder hit than others: construction companies, retail stores, auto dealerships, and repair shops. But, those are not the only places. Small health and wellness clinics have a difficult time trying to retain clients since people are reducing their spending. Restaurants are losing revenue because the cost of food has soared. Even real estate agents are struggling because of the rising mortgage rates as well as the shortage of housing.

Something must be done. However, Biden would rather fight over abortion rights, even though it is affecting a smaller portion of Americans. It's more proof that he doesn't have a grasp of what Americans need or want.

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