White House Tries to Walk Back Biden’s “Cancer” Comment and Past Comments

Joe Biden made an odd observation in the present tense saying that he has cancer. This caused a snickering reaction from many people.

Biden made the comment when he was talking about the place he was from in Delaware. He said that he and others in the area had cancer because of the air pollution in the town that resulted in oil slicks forming on his mother's windshield.

The White House is now trying to make the comment more clear and to eliminate the suggestion that he could have a current medical condition.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates claimed that what Biden was referring to was skin cancer he was treated for in the past.

The problem with this claim is that the doctor told him the same thing last year because of his exposure to the sun as a child. It was not caused by oil deposits on the windshield, even if the report was true.

However, there's a second issue with the tale. Biden previously shared similar stories in the past on Earth Day. However, he stated that the oil slicks and pollution had caused him and others to suffer from asthma, not cancer.

If he is saying it is “not a joke,” it's one of his “tells.” It means “Here comes the lie, don't question it too hard.”

So, what's the true story in this case?

What we know is Joe Biden has a long record of making up stories throughout his life. He's told all sorts of lies and therefore it's not difficult to believe he was doing it again in exaggeration to get the effect. That seems to be the most likely scenario. However, it's also possible to imagine that he might not be forthcoming with health issues he suffers from. That's why we're not getting an answer to his incoherence and cognitive problems.

This is the issue of having people like Joe Biden who lies all the time. No one believes any of the things he or his team claim to be true because there is every reason to doubt them.

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