Image of Weapon in Video of Attack on Republican NY Gov. Candidate Lee Zeldin

An image of this weapon is now posted on social media by YWN journalist Moshe Schwartz, who believes that the weapon was a pair of brass knuckles.

It was earlier reported that Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), the Republican candidate for the New York gubernatorial race, was assaulted when he was delivering a political speech at a VFW Post in Perinton, NY, which is located near Rochester.

Zeldin was speaking about how many people were departing New York to go to other states because they feel more secure and freer there. As he spoke, a man climbed up on his right side of the stage and approached him. It was evident that the man was carrying something resembling a knife, and Zeldin grabbed his arm in order to stop him.

Then, more people arrived on the stage and knocked them both down. Someone then removed from the crowd. One of the individuals who assisted Zeldin was AMVETS director Joe Chenelly, who is a local candidate for state assembly, according to reports by the NY Post.

It's scary to know that the person got very close, and Zeldin could have been killed if the man had raced towards him. However, Zeldin managed to keep him away.

It speaks to Zeldin's courage that he continued his remarks shortly after the incident.

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