This Typo About Monkeypox Could be the Most Amazing Typo Ever

This hilarious typo is about the not-so-funny subject of monkeypox.

Democrats aren't satisfied with the Biden Administration's response to monkeypox. California State Senator Scott Wiener blasted the administration for not giving sufficient vaccines.

“Today, the San Francisco Department of Public Health announced that the Department is about to run out of monkeypox vaccine,” Senator Wiener said in a written statement. “Its San Francisco General Hospital monkeypox vaccine clinic will be temporarily suspended after today (Wednesday).”

The senator stated that the depletion of the vaccine supply comes as San Francisco and other communities are seeing more monkeypox infections and exposures.

“We need to be very clear where the responsibility lies for this completely avoidable situation: the federal government,” Wiener stated. “Failure to control this outbreak will result in intense—and completely unnecessary—misery for many people, particularly gay and bisexual men.”

This is one reason why you shouldn't rely on the government to provide vaccines.

However, science reporter Benjamin Ryan wanted to respond to tweets claiming that it was an “pandemic” and bring some facts to the fear being promoted. Ryan wanted to state that the outbreak is restricted in its scope. But he made an unfortunate mistake in his tweet. It was possibly one of the best of all time. He replied with the following: 

This is misinformation about #monkeypox. The outbreak is occurring almost entirely among men who have sex with me. Public health experts agree that sexual contact is the principle driver of transmission and have asserted that risk to kids remains *very low*.

He wrote “me” instead of “men,” which makes it appear that the spread was with men who’d been sexually involved with him.

The best part is that he was completely honest about his mistake. He later added, “Sorry everybody about the #monkeypox outbreak! I'll do better next time.”

He suggested that everyone needed a laugh. He's definitely correct in that regard.

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