Group Sporting Nazi Flags Outside Turning Point Event

Do you remember those fake torchbearers that pretend to be supporters of Glenn Youngkin near one of his campaign buses in the month of October 2021? Obviously it was difficult to make the white supremacist agenda since one of the members was black. It was an absurd attempt to mock Youngkin. It was the Lincoln Project that took responsibility. 

The stunt did not help the Democratic cause. Terry McAuliffe went down to an utter defeat, and the November victory and a sweep by Republicans in Virginia likely to signal the red wave coming this November.

Because of that, we're all aware of the efforts made to denigrate conservatives.

Then again, I'm not sure whether it's a fake or a real op or not, but a tiny group of people wearing Nazi flags and anti-Semitic materials were seen outside the Turning Point Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida, Saturday. They also held an image of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and a DeSantis flag, even though DeSantis was not involved in the event.

They could be real Neo-Nazis however, they did not have anything to do with the events and everyone present at the event was told to leave. However, it smells like an attempt to discredit DeSantis.

They're certainly not conservatives since they're wearing masks and knowing that no conservatives would endorse this kind of behavior.

It was funny how leftists were all about it and were spreading it as if it had anything related to the incident and DeSantis.

Is the left really that desperate that they are now trying to demonize Republicans and, specifically, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? Very desperate. Any media that could be caught in the attack would need their heads checked. Unfortunately, a lot of liberal media would go along with it.

There was speculation that we were watching an ode to the tiki torchbearer story.

Whatever happened, It's a stink to heaven.

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