LA Public Health Director’s Wikipedia is Altered

It appears the Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer's Wikipedia profile has been altered by those dissatisfied with her decisions since, as of 11:10 pm Eastern Standard Time, the page does not look like it was approved by a medically certified doctor:

It reads “the public health official from the far left who is a Social Justice warrior (not Medical Doctor). )…” Oh! Someone is having amusement in The Mask Queen. According to, the article was written in a different way in June

“Barbara Ferrer(born September 30 1965) is a famous American health executive serving as director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. [1][2]”

It's not known what the reason is for why the birthdays listed in both listings are separated by 9 years. A Google search discovered that both birthdays are found on a variety of websites. It's not meant to be however, I'm guessing that 1956 is her year of birth.

Ferrer was the hot topic of conversation lately for RedState's Jennifer Van Laar. Last week it was disclosed that Ferrer's daughter, Kaitlin Barnes, was the co-author of a research study that both the CDC as well as the LA County Health Department used to justify the need for mask mandates. We also reported on the desperate efforts she made to restore mask requirements for Los Angeles despite the science showing that they aren't necessary at the moment in the current pandemic, which she proved herself by going to the All-Star game last week, without wearing a mask.

In the section titled “Scandal,” the Wikipedia entry this evening reads like a RedState article (but I'm sure it wasn't us that edited it!)


In the summer of 2022, it was discovered that Ferrer was manipulating the Covid-19 hospitalization figures in an effort to reintroduce an obligation to wear masks for Los Angeles County. Ferrer was designating every hospitalization where a patient was positive as “Covid Hospitalization” no matter the root of the hospitalization. It also became apparent in the research paper that she based the policies of Covid-19 about school closures, masking lockdown's, etc. These were actually taken from a research paper written by her daughter who isn't medical doctor. Ferrer was also at her 2022 MLB All Star Game at Dodger Stadium where she was caught not wearing her mask in a sold-out crowd of 65,000. The next day, she claimed that it was necessary for the mandate to wear masks to be reinstated due to the fact that many people have been repeatedly asked to wear masks, yet they aren't doing what is right. The woman has been branded as a fraud by media and has lost all credibility to the citizens of Los Angeles. There is a current call to remove her, either taking a step down or being removed from her position. The hashtag #fireferrer has become an ongoing trend on Twitter. (Emphasis mine.)

Another thing that is interesting on her website can be found in her “awards” section. There's a long listing of around 44 awards. There are theories it's possible that the staffer or she added the section to combat her numerous criticisms. Some of them are difficult to believe, such as “The Phenomenal Woman” award she was reportedly awarded by the YWCA Greater Los Angeles. Does that actually exist? She also claimed to have been awarded “the “Lark Social Justice Achievement Award” in 2020. I believe to be as well as the “Women of Color: Changing the World Award, 2013,” and the “Extra Large Health Department of the Year” in 2019. I'm sure she has a large display cabinet.

Although the Wikipedia page may be humorous, Barbara Ferrer is most definitely not. She has repeatedly applied some of the most strict restrictions and lockdowns across the United States since the inception of COVID. However, California didn't perform much better than states like Florida which were free. According to Wikipedia, regardless of whether it was sloppily altered to reflect a different view or not is right: Ferrer is a “far-left, public health official and social justice warrior (not a Medical Doctor),” and we don't really require her to bring back masks to an exhausted city.

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