Kid Rock Crowd Trashes Venue After Show Cancellation

Hell has no fury as the feeling of having a Kid Rock crowd scorned. It was a lesson that I learned over the weekend at a North Dakota fairgrounds.

The fans of the rowdy rocker gathered to watch the sold-out show on Friday. However, the weather at the North Dakota State Fair was clearly not suited to a southern-style rock and rap enthusiast.

The opener, Night Ranger, sang “Sister Christian,” the crowd wasn't particularly in an Christian mood. It's probably a good bet in light of what transpired after.

From TMZ:

Kid Rock was scheduled to be on stage at 9:15 PM…

The storm was developing in the city's outer outskirts with some lightning and winds but no rain which was slowing KR's performance.

When 11 o'clock came around, the majority of people from the audience of 18,000 were quite high … as well as angry since it appeared that the storm had stopped.

A police officer from Ward County Sheriff's Department then appeared on the stage and announced that the concert had been canceled.

People report that attendees did not react well to the new report:

In…footage…audience members could be seen hurling bottles at the stage, and one was tackled after he climbed onto the platform. The man was later led in handcuffs on the other side of the parking area.

The outrage should come as no big surprise. Kid Rock's fans aren't known for being stoic. Kid Rock seems to be of his “Kiss my [foot]” kind of persona.

You might remember last November's song, “Don't Tell Me How to Live”:

Snowflakes, here's a newsflash:

“I don't know anyone who will teach me how to live.

A nation of wimps is the next generation of us

These minions and their agendas

Every opinion is offended

However, in this Amendment One, it rings true

If it doesn't descend, or if it's a disreputable person and then refer to Number Two

I'm among the few who are still screaming “[Forget] you”

There's no one who can give me advice on how to live.”

In January Kid was unable to participate in places that required proof of vaccination.

From a video that he uploaded in the year 2020:

“There's been lots of discussion on vaccine mandates and locations… … If there's any, they'll be gone before we arrive in your city. If not, believe me, there's no need to be concerned. You'll get the money you paid back. Because I'm not going to show in any way. If you think that I'll stand around and sing ‘Don't Tell Me How To Live' and ‘We the People' while other people hold up their dogs vaccination cards as well as wearing masks, that will not be happening.”

In that stance of non-compliance, this came to be:

Kid Rock fans aren't sheeple and were eager to watch the G.O.A.T. If that didn't happen they were raised as rams.

In the aftermath, which included a statement from the Sheriff's Department denying it made the call, Kid posted a tweet expressing his displeasure:

“So mad that we could not perform for an all-sold-out crowd at Minot… It's a shame. I realize it is a problem however no one of us is in control of the weather. Mother Nature is in charge. Please leave safely and be kind to one another.”

The night was one of total chaos. However, you shouldn't expect less when you tell fans of the time's most rebellious concerts that they've waited all night long for nothing. In the end, they're cattlemen (and cowgirls) and babies…

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