New York Post Declares Trump Unworthy of Presidency

Everyday, it is becoming increasingly obvious that president Donald Trump is going to run for a second term in 2024. According to several legacy news sources, the president will announce his run for White House in the next 45 days.

This leads to a situation which is not favorable for Liz Cheney's bizarre fantasies about having a roost inside the White House as well as has thrown the bowels of both the mainstream as well as Vichy Republicans a-bubbling.

The New York Post, the newspaper that is said to be President Trump's favorite, is now against president Trump running for office again. Utilizing the snarky “January 6 committee” proceedings as a base in The New York Post goes on to say:

However, as a matter of principle of moral character, Trump is not worthy to serve as the country's chief executive.

The battle lines for 2024 are forming to be unsettlingly similar to the battle lines that were announced in 2016. The majority of NeverTrump individuals from 2016 never did agree with the administration of President Trump. Many more will emerge from the swamp to protest his 2022 presidential campaign based on the actions the president Trump is likely to do if he becomes president.

Although Mitch McConnell promises us it will be an “crowded field” in 2024, I'm thinking that's nonsense.

Nobody other than President Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis are polling in double-digits. If something happens that is unlikely, such as the possibility of President Trump being indicted, not and actually convicted under federal law, this will not happen. At the very least, it's a two-man race. If president Trump is able to announce his candidacy within the next few months, it could be an all-one-man race. (And it's not my intention to think of a single set of evidence that would convince DeSantis to be a second banana on a DeSantis-Trump ticket. Vice president isn't a way to get into the presidency. It is a waiting room for the political underbelly. If you exclude the resignation or death of the president, George Bush was the first vice president elected as a person in his own right following Martin Van Buren.)

The bottom line is that if President Trump is seeking the nomination in 2024, my logic would dictate that he will win. Because of the damage that the Democrats have done to the nation, there isn’t a Democrat of national standing who can beat Trump. 

That brings me back to 2016. Some, like that of the New York Post, who are committing themselves to opposition to a Trump 2024 campaign, are committing themselves to living in the Monkeypox Ward with the staff of the Lincoln Project. 

For all of us, I'm afraid that we'll be returning to seats in economy class aboard Flight 93. As in 2016, we will see the country in turmoil. The truth is that the current situation is more serious than it was in the year 2016. Literally millions of illegal immigrants will be living throughout America by the time November 2024 comes around. The economy will be in turmoil. Energy and food prices are expected to remain excessive. It is likely that we will be somewhere between an economic crisis and a housing decline. Our army will be made up of transgendered people who are woke and have purple hair, muttering at each other about “white rage” and other rubbish. The teaching of racism will be a part of the curriculum at every school across the country. Similar to what happened in 2016, we'll need to charge pilots to save the nation from the establishment politics of both parties as well as the media, who would prefer to see the nation collapse rather than be saved by a man who is backed by the wrong group of people. This time, however, we know that the man who will be in the cockpit is someone who we know will pilot the plane and yet he's being challenged by those who do not like his style of conduct.

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