Texas Buses to DC Aren’t Legal, According to Mayor

As you are aware, our border to the south with Mexico has been flooded by illegals. Due to Democratic Vice President Joe Biden's lack-of-responsibility and open-border policies, states such as Texas along with Arizona are witnessing a swarm of immigrants invade their towns, inundating neighborhoods in areas that don't have enough resources, making life difficult for residents.

It is also likely that state leaders have repeatedly called Biden as well as his office, asking them to alter policies or seek out additional assistance. Yet, Biden has pretty much refused to listen to their demands and left them to tackle the constant and growing problems in their individual ways.

To make their voice heard, Texas and Arizona have started sending buses of illegal immigrants towards Washington, DC., in the hope that Biden and his cohorts are more supportive of the cause when they clearly recognize the issue. At the very minimum there is a chance that those in DC could get bored of the situation and take action.

Naturally, DC mayor and staunchly liberal Muriel Bowser isn't there yet. But it doesn't mean that she's not suffering the consequences of the many illegals currently in her streets.

In an interview on CBS “Face the Nation” this Sunday morning, the host revealed that the busloads of migrants has become a major issue for her. Also, CBS anchor Margaret Brennan confirmed that by noting a handful of reports which confirm that the homeless shelters in DC are overflowing with illegals.

However, it's obvious that 1) she isn't fully understanding the problem, and 2) she's trying to place blame somewhere else, instead of where it's due.

As Bowser stated, “This is a very important problem. We've definitely demanded our federal government collaborate across state lines in order to stop individuals from being tricked to get on buses.”

For now, it is clear that a rising number of homeless is a serious issue that has to be addressed. In fact, asking federal assistance to help with this isn't an unwise idea. The problem isn't a simple one. 

It started long before it got to that point. As when Joe Biden pretty much invited illegal immigrants to “come” back in 2020 as he campaigned for president. He did the same thing shortly after he was elected to the White House. It began when he decided that border issues were not crucial and he stopped creating the wall. The process began when he reverted Trump's policies, limiting immigration at more acceptable levels.

It's been ongoing throughout Biden's efforts in helping the illegal immigrants prior to that of American citizens. As an example, while we all were being ordered to get vaccinated and staying at home, the Biden's immigrants were boarding trains, buses and even planes with no any documentation, vaccines or even an COVID test. They were then taken to various communities throughout the US.

What about the time when, at the peak of the infant formula problem, the only place to get where you could buy the formula were border crossing stores – stocked by Biden obviously.

States such as Texas or Arizona are fed up with being victimized by Biden's bad choices. So he's bringing the blame to them.

Abbott declared in April that “By transporting migrants into Washington DC, the Biden administration can quickly meet the demands of the migrants they allow to enter our country. Texas should not be forced to shoulder any burdens resulting from the Biden administration's inability to protect our borders.”

And he's certainly not wrong.

Texas is, unfortunately, going to always have to deal with issues with border security in one form or another due to their geographic location. However, this doesn't mean that our leaders can simply leave the states in the grip of these issues. Since the security of our borders is a nation-wide problem.

This means that Biden's responsibility is to manage. But, obviously Biden isn't doing that.

Maybe, if the buses of people who are not legal are on the streets and neighborhoods in Washington, DC, where Biden and his staff are far inclined to come in close contact, then the continuous stream of immigrants could eventually be viewed as an issue.

Evidently, Democrats such as Muriel Bowser aren't at the point of being there yet. Instead, she's claiming that people are being ‘duped to get on buses, in spite of evidence contrary to this.

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