CNN Host Mocks Biden’s New Recession Talking Point

The Biden Team has tried to make an interesting new argument about the definition of a recession as not having two consecutive periods of negative GDP growth since we'll likely learn later this week that GDP growth was not positive in the second quarter.

Joe Biden even declared on Monday, to reporters “We're not going to be in a recession in my view.”

However, it appears that the latest Biden talking point may be almost too excessive for CNN to swallow.

“I get why they want to do this from a political perspective,” anchor Kasie Hunt said in her response. “But, like, you can't fake this!”

And CNN's Chris Cillizza — the person who was infamous for saying they don't choose sides and claiming to take the Democratic position every time was not buying the idea and ridiculed Joe Biden. He admitted to being amused by what he called the “in my view” thing. “In my view, I should be drafted into the NBA,” Cillizza laughed. “Even if NBA executives didn't agree with me.”

“It doesn't really matter what you think,” Cillizza stated in reference to Biden, “There is a technical definition for two consecutive months of economic growth that is negative. They are certain that this is likely to occur in the coming weeks. They're trying to deflect the idea. In your case, we know why they're doing this in a political sense.” “Right,” Hunt stated. “At all times, we've got these terms to justify our actions that don't require you to be a fan. Of course, people don't like it.”

Cillizza claimed that this adds to Joe Biden's poor numbers regarding his economy's management which is already at about 25 to 30 percent. “But you don't get to change the nomenclature…cause it doesn't work for you,” Cillizza said. “Well, then again your voters are going to feel what they feel in their lives, no matter what,” Hunt stated.

Is there ever going to be an end? This is the final truthful analysis into the Biden team's efforts to woo the American people, even with the assertion that it won't work as the American people will be impacted by the effects of the recession, even if Biden denies its existence.

It's hard for journalists to come down with this Biden falsehood — although certain people will, without doubt. However, here's a mix-up of media outlets defining what is in fact the second consecutive period of GDP decline.

We watched Biden adviser to the economy Jared Bernstein pushing the new topic, but he was hit with his previous statements. Let's see how many of the media revert to further support Biden's spin.

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