DeSantis Wishes America a Speedy Recovery

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a pretty excellent shot at President Joe Biden in a Friday night address. As Biden is in recuperation from the COVID disease, the president offered “the United States of America a speedy recovery” from his presidency.

DeSantis addressed more than 5,000 attendees at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit. The speech was a fiery one which enthralled the audience up with applause, cheers, and even people dancing.

The Florida governor claimed that Biden's leadership was “a deer in the headlights” who speaks from a teleprompter as reported by Fox News.

DeSantis is widely thought as the second-highest GOP candidate to run for the White House in 2024, only behind the former president Donald Trump. He seized the chance to join a large crowd of supporters to lash at Biden's energy and policies on immigration.

“He came in and cranked the printing presses, kneecapped American energy, and he also opened our southern border,” DeSantis told reporters.

“And what we've seen over the past one and a half years is the largest illegal movement to this nation throughout the United States of America. Human trafficking is at an all-time high and record sex trafficking, and record levels of drug trafficking.”

He reacted to these snarky remarks with an ardent wish that Biden would make a swift recuperation from COVID.

“I am sorry to inform you that the test was negative for COVID. And I would like to, on behalf of the state of Florida, wish President Biden the best of health healing in COVID.”

Then DeSantis said: “And I also want to wish the United States of America a speedy recovery from Joe Biden.”

He utilized this to serve as a Segway to discuss the state's COVID-19 response, and then proceeded to the various laws adopted in Florida with a focus on “woke ideology.” He discussed the prohibition on critical race theory as well as the”so-called “Don't Say Gay” bill which prohibits the discussion about sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

“We make sure in Florida that we do not use our tax dollars to teach our kids to hate this country or to hate each other on the basis of race,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis also targeted other states such as Oregon and Minnesota that saw massive protests in recent times.

Governor Rick Scott, is a Navy veteran. It is his belief that the widespread “woke” ideology has “infected” numerous organizations, such as the military. He even said in his talk that the army is more likely to discuss pronouns rather than winning battles.

DeSantis has predicted the possibility of a “red wave” in 2022. However, he didn't mention Trump's name in his remarks. Both are being portrayed as the face of their respective GOP Party, but neither one is attacking or promoting the other's chances.

DeSantis is running for re-election in 2022. His Democratic opponent hasn't been identified as of yet. The likely candidates against him include Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried or Rep. Charlie Crist, D-Fla.

The potential candidates Trump could face during his GOP primaries for the presidency aside from DeSantis is ex-Vice President Mike Pence, former U.S. Secretary of State for the United Nations Nikki Haley, or former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

No candidate has the same political enthusiasm that DeSantis enjoys. Also, they don't have the same vigor and determination that DeSantis has. He sparked the crowd this weekend with a shout of “We are just warming up. I'm just beginning to fight. I'm standing firm and walking until the final line and I'm able to be honest with you: with your support, and everyone else in the back, there's absolutely no question in my head that in November, we'll be fighting to make sure that we keep Florida free of charge.”

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