Heroes Risk Death to Save Person in Burning Car

It seems like we've been sliding down a hill for a long time.

Yet, the best is still in the human spirit. In spite of the madness which is destroying our society, some people are willing to risk their lives in order to assist others.

If you're looking for evidence that heroes exist, look at the accident which occurred earlier this month on a Canadian freeway.

About 10 a.m., close to the west side in Toronto, a 36 year old driver had seizures. After the crash, smoke billowed from it. Evidently, the driver wasn't conscious.

Commercial real estate agent Ben Sykes was traveling on Mississauga's Queen Elizabeth Way and spotted the car near the highway.

Ben recalls his trip on CP24:

“I saw a person holding an automotive jack in their hands and was moving towards my car quickly , before beginning to smash the window. I believe that at the time I felt like I'd been requested to help here. Then I removed myself from my vehicle and as you're able to imagine, I tried my best. …”

A large number of men were encircling the vehicle, in an attempt to break the windows and force the driver to wake up.

A dash cam recorded the entire event. Video footage of the men shouting “Get off the vehicle! “

One person is seen with his fists trying to s ash the drivers side windows. In the final picture, there is a man making use of stones.

The craze doesn't seem to be over, Ben says, another good-will-person gave him a device:

“[T]hankfully I observed someone in the dump truck. Who knows the person. He was throwing a hammer out of the window. I thought ‘Okay I'm going to have to go and get this thing.’”

“And I grabbed the hammer and I smashed the window. We were able to smash it and break the window and it opened.I’m thankful that the timing was the way it was.”

Ben thinks that rescue occurred within a matter of minutes after the vehicle caught flame. 

The Ontario Provincial Police Highway Safety Division has posted a video which includes a caption that praises the brave helpers.

As per the police, Ben was not injured. 

“He evidently is content. I'm sure everything is done with him. It's very emotional. It's been an up and down ride for me this last week. It's certainly the same for him. However, he's very well-behaved and hasn't even left. “

Ben clarifies the scenario is “fight or flight.” Furthermore:

“I believe that there are a lot of people who would do exactly the same thing should they find themselves in the same circumstance. All we need to do is to help other people to make the world an incredible space, in spite of the chaos that is currently taking place. “

In the darkest days, there are glimpses of optimism. A few weeks ago, a 22-year-old was headed to the Indiana Mall with his girlfriend and was confronted by a mass shooter who was preparing to begin a rampage. Elisjsha Dicken was able to confront the perpetrator. 

In relation to vehicles burning, we've also witnessed other incidents where people were burned.

In September last year, a crew of San Diego's East County Transitional Living Center assisted an old Phoenix couple (watch this incredible story below).

That same year, a Marine helped a child escape a fire in a car near Camp Pendleton:

Roadside rescuers from Canada have returned, Mississauga Fire Captain Chris Ogg states to Global News, “A vehicle fire is expected to be around 1000 degree. They reached him at just the right moment. … Incredible act of bravery. I've never witnessed anything like it during my time as a firefighter. “

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