Teacher Transforms Classroom into Pride Nightclub

The education system is changing rapidly. In the past the school was composed of academic disciplines, such as English or science. Today, it's more about ideology.

Critical Race Theory and gender identity have become more prominent as opposed to the topics of old. In addition, there's a new kind of significant change: While study subjects were once at the forefront, the trend is now that classrooms are growing into extensions of teachers' ideologies.

Social media sites are where teachers share their personal stories and “their” kids. They cheer on the children, taking them seriously or congratulating them for being who they are.

And as the class gets more attracted to the person who is on the podium, the personal awe-inspiring moments further illuminate the space.

For instance, this video was shared on Twitter Libs of TikTok on Sunday.

The clip's caption reads, “Welcome to my high school classroom/nightclub.”

A man sporting a sequin medical mask walks across the room. The footage shows a variety of #Pride flags as well as similar.

Then, in a split second the class is firmly disco-like:

Libs of TikTok provides a photo that shows the teacher in drag.

The image is a reference to “Miss Gina Tonic,” information about her is available at

The bio of Bryan:

I am a dedicated and passionate teacher, and very proud “out” role model to my students in Richmond, B.C. I am a tireless volunteer for my school and district to provide safe and welcoming possibilities for the city's LGBTQ+ youth as well as their allies. Although early in my career I had to deal with homophobic abuse and bullying I decided to step out in public to show my support for my LGBTQ students. I pledged to myself to be the positive role model I didn't have when I was in school. In the process, I have built solid, lasting positive relations with my students and the majority members of their family. I also serve for the position of SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) teacher-in-charge at my school, and serve as a mentor for my colleagues by working together and support for professional development.

About Gina:

In my role as The Miss Gina Tonic, I have entertained audiences for many years by presenting vibrant, fun, and glitzy fashion. … My favorite part is that I love mixing bold sequins and rhinestones, glamor with vibrant and wild colors that will surely dazzle! … as a teacher, my best moments as a drag queen are telling Drag Queen Story Time readings. For people of all ages, my readings for story time are always popular. Books that have themes that deal with LGBTQ+, gender identity, and equality are awe-inspiringly presented.

In terms of being an LGBT high school role model: mission achieved. Even though the classroom for the teacher is located in Canada, it's not as if it's far from America's school system.

In terms of taxonomy, education isn't just a matter of adapting to the species, it's more that the institution has evolved into an entirely different field. I recently wrote about this kind of thing:

Perhaps we've reached a place where a new name is needed. American “schools” are no longer as they were, in the old definition of the term. Today the public education system is seen as…an educational institution, instead of a place where information is available.

If the centers of training were freed from all academic responsibility, then maybe it would be possible to build new facilities that are referred to as “schools” — where students could take classes in math and…literature.

Is there a chance that a split could happen?

At present, the students will likely be able to participate in a classroom club.

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