BLM Supported Federal Candidate Charged with Wire Fraud Scheme

As you're aware, Black Lives Matter hasn't performed as well recently. While they enjoyed a hugely successful year in the year 2020 following the passing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the following years have proved to be their downfall.

Not only have Americans generally shunned the group for encouraging violent riots or “peaceful” protests that left communities across the country with millions in damages and unimaginable suffering and pain, It appears that nobody in their group is honest or reliable. A few of them, including the former co-founder and leader, have been accused of crimes and felonies. The majority of them are dealing with the misappropriation of funds.

You'd expect them to be able to learn from their mistakes, particularly after cities like Minneapolis, once their mainstay, have requested the “refunding” of police.

However, it appears that they are too lenient with punishment. The people they support and endorse aren't trustworthy.

Enter former Louisiana Democratic state senator Karen Carter Peterson.

Peterson was recently charged with a single count of fraud by wire in federal courts. She was accused of making use of party and campaign funds to cover personal expenses, such as her addiction to gambling. Peterson was the sole Congressional candidate to receive backing from BLM this year.

Peterson was elected state senator for the southern part of the state for several years. In April, she resigned her position, with the excuse of mental health issues and addiction issues to gambling, according to Fox News. She was also the Louisiana Democratic Party chair.

According to The Louisiana Illuminator, the misuse of money was part of an ongoing scheme that ran for seven years where Peterson gave state campaign funds to four people and four different businesses. The companies and individuals then made the checks cashable and handed Peterson the majority or all the money.

After the money was received, an investigation into Peterson revealed that she made use of the funds to pay personal expenses, such as continuing to gamble. Additionally, she submitted “false and misleading” campaign financial reports in order to “mischaracterize expenditures as having legitimate reasons related directly to the campaign she was running or election to public office,” as per the Justice Department's press announcement.

They include more than 100,000 dollars from the Black Lives Matter PAC, a BLM Global Network Foundation affiliated committee, in the 2021 election campaign to help Peterson to be elected to Congress. However, she did not succeed in this attempt to win the second district of the state and is now a prisoner in the court.

Also, it's worth noting that she was BLM's one and only presidential candidate in the recent election, who they backed until June according to their documents. The only candidate who received money from BLM during the past period is Chi Osse, who ran for New York City Council Member in 2021.

Since the time, Peterson claims she is getting closer to “recovery” from her addiction. In this regard, she posted an announcement on Twitter declaring that she has “made a full repayment of funds used as a result of my addiction, and I will continue to make amends.” Furthermore, Peterson promises to remain “fully cooperative” with investigators as well as authorities from the US Attorney's Office.

Of course, if someone was faced with a sentence that includes up to 20 years of prison and $250,000 in fines and three years supervised release following prison, most would agree and show a smile full of “amends,” too. Peterson will appear before a federal court to decide on sanctions on the 1st of August.

You'd think that it would hit home the idea that the people BLM works with and employs should be and represent the things they say they are a part of like equality and fair employment methods for all.

Perhaps that's all it is. What they're showing is that they're focused on fraud and failure and are proud of it. What else can it mean if all of your associations lately have resulted in legal proceedings, jail time, and federally sanctioned fines?

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