Federal Judge Denies Attempt to Allow Illegals Vote by Texas Democrats

When you think that the Democrats won’t be able to think of a better method to encourage fraud in voting and to allow illegals to cast ballots, Democrats in Texas thought of a new way.

US District Court Judge Fred Biery brought an order that clarifies the ineptitude of the Democrats' argument for this. “Yes, it is burdensome to be a citizen in a democracy and inconvenient to go to the polls, though those who gave their lives so we could, would wonder why they did if we don't… Democracy dies not always by conquering armies but by the slow death of sloth.”

Biery quoted founding father Benjamin Franklin and a famous quote too, with some alterations to the message. “Once asked at the close of the Constitutional Convention, ‘Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy. A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.’”

This is a major victory for Governor Greg Abbott and a is huge victory in his journey. The attempt of the left to get him out of office was completely wrong and misguiding for anyone who witnessed it. Gov. Abbott allowed extended main-in voting for senior citizens. They were able to get a no limits process to file and receive their ballots.

Always looking for immigrants to vote in the election, liberals capitalized on this issue and declared age and race discrimination. Based on their bizarre logic, this was hindering the younger Hispanic or black citizens from having the ability to cast their ballots by mail. They believed that the shut-in senior citizens of Texas are not entitled to an advantage that those they need to swing an election do not have.

In the last few decades they have been arguing that illegals should be allowed to vote, as in many instances, they've been here for many years and many of them pay taxes. It is interesting to note that when they're established enough to pay taxes under the taxpayer identification Number ID, which is required, they should be identified enough to be sent home.  Letting them stay further in a time when decent Americans can't afford housing or get jobs is terrible.

When you are talking to anyone of the millions of immigrants who legally came to the US, they are disgusted by the notion of allowing illegals to vote. They are astonished at the way that some departments in the US simply allow them to stay in the US without ever sending the immigrants home. If it is difficult to do things correctly, why should those who are illegal have an easy path to follow?

Voting isn't an easy thing for someone who is averse to it. It is important to know some facts about the candidates and what they represent. While the voters would like to make a big deal about the President, it is your local representatives that make the biggest impact on the way we live our lives.

In keeping voting rights only for actual Americans, Judge Biery has made sure that only those who are willing to put in the effort have the right to vote.

This kind of decision is not easy to make. A lot of people ask for and beg to be granted the chance, but they aren't willing to go to any lengths to accomplish it correctly. Similar to that, if they won’t get the rights in the right way, how can they be permitted to exercise these rights?

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