LA Supervisor Calls People Against Potential Mask Mandate “Snowflake Weepies”

Government leaders have shown an astonishing lack of compassion in the aftermath of their edicts and policies since COVID began. However, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl pushed things to new levels during the board's meeting on Tuesday. Kuehl said she's heard from those who oppose the new mask mandate, which is expected to be released on the 29th of July. Kuehl slammed the people who oppose it:

“I’m particularly struck by the blowback from a number, though not a really significant number of sort of, snowflake weepies about how oppressive it is to wear a mask.”

Snowflake weepies? If you ever wondered if authorities really take care of your wellbeing, you can now be certain that they do not. Kuehl continued by contrasting wearing a mask to wearing ordinary clothes:

“I don’t hear them writing me about shoes, which are actually more oppressive to your feet than wearing a mask on your face but we do that really for health or the requirement to wear a shirt when you enter a restaurant.”

This is absurd and hardly worthy of an answer. However, to put it simply, shirts and shoes aren't a hindrance in a person’s ability to communicate with others, breathe in a safe manner, or recognize faces. Evidence shows masks can cause hinder learning. The lockdowns often seriously affected children, kept home for an extended time. After that, when they finally were allowed back into school, many were required to be masked, vaxxed, separated by Plexiglass or large distances and never allowed to see others’ faces.The actions were similar to child abuse and brought a devastating cost to many families. 

We've seen such deceit from our officials, from Gavin Newsom's visit to the French Laundry restaurant and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to the salon during lockdowns. It isn't a surprise that Kuehl is also a hypocrite. Kuehl made headlines in 2020 when she ate outside in front of a restaurant within hours of deciding to prohibit outdoor dining in restaurants. Now, they're hoping to do it all again.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer will announce her decision regarding the mask mandate on Friday. Many people hope she doesn't end up returning the county to forced masking.

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