“Climate Correspondent” From CNN Predicts the End of All Life on Earth

We're all going to die! Maybe not right away, however, based on the things recent claims, it is likely that every living thing is on life support.

Most members of the media use scare tactics to push their climate change agenda. If the summer months are hot because the northern hemisphere lies more in line with the sun's rays, temperature rises. Temperature changes are reported in the media with great alarm although perfectly normal.

A few days ago, a picture of temperatures in Europe was displayed showing a split screen with temperatures in July 2022 and July 2017. The temperatures were very similar, but the current temperatures were displayed on a bright red background, the others had a green one. Using bright red colors in the display could cause people to feel an emotional heat. Feel the terror.

A CBS newscast began with a story on climate change a few years ago and included an illustration of the Earth burning. The entire planet became a ball flaming fire. Al Gore recently criticized “climate deniers,” comparing them to cowards from Uvalde. He also told in 2009 that the Polar Ice Cap was going to disappear five years ago. We should already be underwater. Of course, Gore lives in a mansion with more carbon footprint that 99.99 percent of American homes.

Greta Thunberg warned us that we're nearing the edge of the abyss. She says that we “stole her dreams and her childhood.” AOC famously said, the world would be gone by 2031. Nine years to go. The year 1989 was the first time UN experts on the environment said “entire nations would be wiped off the face of the planet” in the event that we don't act on “global warming.” 

Staffers representing Congress members have occupied at the offices of Senate Speaker Chuck Schumer. The group demanded Schumer take action regarding climate-related legislation. Our planet's fate was in the in the balance. The dozen or so climate rebels spent time on social media accounts using the hashtag “SoBrave.” They were detained and, unlike the J6 suspects, they were not put in isolation.

A recent Politico article boldly proclaims to readers the effects of climate change. The author warns of dire consequences should the USA not stop the burning. The author says that American “emissions,” from January to the end of April, are up “5.7 percent”. The figure doesn't have any connection to any other data and is suspect. As per the EPA website, emissions have been declining for a long time and the latest graph that the EPA released online was published in 2020. How the writer gathered this information is still a mystery.

The author's environmental/climate change expertise is non-existent. She earned a degree in Journalism. At least she isn’t declaring that the world will end in nine years like AOC.

Another man who has a journalism degree is Bill Weir. Weir is CNN's weatherman. He's a pro. His knowledge on the subject is extensive. He hosted a program named “The Wonder List with Bill Weir.” Weir’s travel hosting, where he outlined interesting things in 26 countries, led him to become CNN's Climate Reporter.

Evidently, that was what made him the climate expert for CNN. Weir recently declared that the entire world is on the verge of collapse. Forget the massive meteor that killed all dinosaurs…”the fate of life on earth is at stake.” It's true, the entire earth's life is at risk due to the temperature of the planet could rise by 1.5 degrees by 2100. 

Weir forecasted the end of the world due to the Senate filibuster. In reality, only life on earth will come to an end. It is possible that the planet will remain spinning around the hot object up in the sky.

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