Michigan Will Allow Parents to Claim Their Unborn Children

In light of the recent ruling regarding Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, most states are re-examining the laws they have in place and the regulations pertaining to pregnancy, birth, and healthcare.

As you'd imagine, more conservative states, like Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana have used their rights to prohibit abortion at multiple levels. As also expected, states that are more liberal, such as California and New York, have promised to provide a sort of sanctuary for women seeking such “services” who live in other states.

Michigan is somewhat more liberal. The reason isn't that they have a plethora of Democrats who reside in their state but that they have a progressive governor.

You might remember the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, when Governor Gretchen Whitmer put many mandates in place. Michiganders suddenly were being restricted from being around others, go to work or school, and even purchase items such as paint and garden equipment.

In actual fact, Whitmer became so “tyrannical,” as some started to refer to her, that it could have threatened her job and her life because there have been two so-called kidnapping attempts on her.

It's no wonder in the past few days, since COVID was declared to be nothing other than flu, she's been compelled to surrender her emergency powers and actually follow the demands of the public.

Yet, nobody would have imagined that an entire state that has such a leader and the apparent backing to support her every time will begin to move towards the more conservative side with regards to pregnancy, life, and even the unborn.

To clarify, this isn’t in reference to abortion. As with many states, Michigan has yet to figure out which laws the state will enact regarding this issue.

But, if this recently proposed law is interpreted to mean that the state is moving a little more conservatively than previously believed.

What's the new law? What's the reason it would signal a shift towards a conservative mindset?

It's actually House Bill 4644. It will basically alter legislation like the Michigan Income Tax Act to allow families expecting to have the unborn child or children to claim an exemption in their tax return.

If the woman is “at least 12 weeks pregnant” at the time of the final day in the tax year, the potential law will permit the woman to claim her unborn child as a dependent when filing tax returns.

Republican State Rep. Rodney Wakeman, who represents Michigan's District 94, proposed the bill. Wakeman is well-known for introducing a variety of new laws. 

Along with Wakeman, there are at least 16 other lawmakers support and have backed House Bill 4644. which gives the chance that it will be enacted into law.

The law may appear a bit absurd to some.

For many, the idea of claiming a child that isn't there yet may seem a little absurd. But, as every expecting parent is aware, even if the child isn't heard or seen in the traditional sense, it does not mean that their presence is less significant for the family. There are cribs to put together and supplies to stock up with, as well as many other expensive changes.

There's plenty to be done and prepared for, especially in the case of a first child. In a way, it's only natural that you are in a position to consider the tiny person as a person who relies on you even though they're not even born yet.

However, what it acknowledges is that life doesn't begin with the time of birth. As you're aware, it's quite a large assertion to make in the present, especially for a state which typically tends to lean somewhat left.

If it is approved in Michigan, states that are more conservative such as Texas and Oklahoma might be next to follow, setting an even greater precedent.

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